Oulu and Liminka’s decision on selling the shares of Työterveys Virta to Pihlajalinna

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Pihlajalinna Plc                           Press release             11 January 2021 at 8.25 p.m.

Oulu and Liminka’s decision on selling the shares of Työterveys Virta to Pihlajalinna

The city government of Oulu and municipal government of Liminka decided in their meetings on Monday 11 January 2021 to sell the shares of Työterveys Virta Oy to Pihlajalinna. The governments also chose Pihlajalinna to be their contracting party for occupational healthcare services. The other owners of Työterveys Virta will also make their decisions about selling the shares and procuring occupational healthcare services during January.

Pihlajalinna announced on 9 October 2020 that it had won the public competitive tendering for Työterveys Virta’s stock and occupational healthcare services. The appropriately supplemental Due Diligence review has been completed in order to finalise the sale, and the procurement has now advanced to the contract phase and approval of bills of sale. The total price of the shares with cash reserve is EUR 17.6 million.

“The purchase of the stock and the sales contracts are proceeding in accordance with the schedule planned. During the spring, the locations of Työterveys Virta will become part of Pihlajalinna’s network of private clinics and occupational health centres. Because this is a case of share trading, the employment of the employees will continue at Työterveys Virta with the current conditions,” says Pihlajalinna CEO Joni Aaltonen.

With Työterveys Virta, Pihlajalinna’s operations and supply of services in the North Ostrobothnia region will expand. In future, the services available for Työterveys Virta’s current occupational healthcare customers will be supplemented with Pihlajalinna’s nurse telephone service and remote doctor services and working capacity management portal.

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