Planmeca Romexis® Insights brings operational analytics to dental clinics

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The first manufacturer in dentistry to offer a comprehensive IoT solution

The Finnish dental equipment manufacturer Planmeca is introducing a new way of looking at clinic operations. The web-based Planmeca Romexis® Insights analytics service allows clinics and group practices to take advantage of interactive dashboard views at any time and base evaluations, operative planning and predictive maintenance on clear visualisations of usage statistics.

Even small dental clinics generate large quantities of data each day. The Planmeca Romexis® Insights service has been designed to combine these data into informative views that facilitate evaluating clinic operations intelligently. For the first time ever, dental managers can benefit from real-time information on how their equipment operates – including a comprehensive usage history with rich interactive dashboards.

“Device connectivity and real-time usage reporting has become common in many industries typically labelled as IoT,” stated Planmeca Senior Vice President Tuomas Lokki. “Our products have included local network connectivity for over a decade and we have built the Planmeca Romexis Insights service utilising this experience. As the first manufacturer to offer an IoT solution in dentistry, we want to empower our customers to prepare for the demands of tomorrow’s competitive landscape.”

Planmeca Romexis Insights presents a wide range of device analytics for tracking usage, trends, and patterns over time. Clinics can view device status and receive alerts as well as monitor patient counts and in-chair time for Planmeca dental units equipped with patient detection sensors. Milling and X-ray unit usage counts and device status are also available.

The service also includes extensive features for supporting business intelligence and improving efficiency:

  • Interactive UI with drill-down graphing and adjustable timelines
    • Usage patterns for recognising areas suitable for optimisation
    • Overviews for identifying quiet and busy hours
    • Time period comparisons for spotting trends
  • Comparisons of true equipment usage with receivables accounts
  • Real-time device status and history
  • Reports on consolidated utilisation for multiple offices – especially valuable for group practices

Planmeca Romexis Insights is an open system and also supports products from other manufacturers. As an online service, it can be used on any supported browser, including on smartphones.

“Planmeca Romexis Insights is yet another example of Planmeca’s all-in-one concept and our strong commitment to help customers maximise the value of their investment for many years to come. The service is largely made possible by our future-proof products which deliver tomorrow’s features today. To be successful we must always stay one step ahead – together with our customers,” Mr. Lokki concluded.

For more information, please contact:
Tuomas Lokki, Senior Vice President
Planmeca Oy
Tel. +358 20 779 5523

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