Matz Johansson new CEO at PolarCool AB (publ)

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PolarCool's Board of Directors has appointed Matz Johansson as new CEO. He succeeds Iman Ziai who will continue as CFO and head of Investor Relations.

PolarCool's Chairman of the Board, Mats Forsman, comments;

-        The Board is very pleased to be able to appoint Matz Johansson as new CEO. Matz has a broad background, not the least from the medical device field, which is important to us. He is a respected leader and the right type of businessman to develop our offering to create strong relationships with both national and international customers. The Board has a long-term strategy for PolarCool and is determined to continue delivering on it.

Matz Johansson has had an extensive career with various managerial positions at leading companies within the medical device field and eHealth. Matz brings leadership experience and valuable medical device business expertise from his previous roles as General Manager, CEO, Sales Director and Sales Manager. He has built a solid business knowledge from international and Nordic companies, through work at General Electric, Siemens, Scanex Medical Systems, Opus Dental, CompuGroup Medical, and most recently at Doro.

Matz Johansson comments;

-        It is with great energy and inspiration that I take on the role of CEO of PolarCool AB (publ). I feel immense joy in having the opportunity to establish PolarCap® globally as the absolute best treatment method to counteract and alleviate injuries from sports concussions. The solutions offered by PolarCool will play a significant role in supporting long-term and safe participation in many different sports, for professionals and for amateurs. In a Swedish scientific study where concussed ice hockey players were treated with PolarCap®, the results backed by statistical significance showed that the players had better recovery and returned to play earlier, which is associated with reduced physical and mental distress. We look forward to generating additional clinical evidence in ongoing and planned studies in several sports. PolarCool's direction for the future is now clear. Together with the world of sports, PolarCool will deliver on its agenda for growth and change to ensure that sports can be practiced safely and securely. Through this path we will create long-term values ​​for our customers and shareholders, says Matz Johansson.

Iman Ziai, who has been acting CEO since 2018, has done a fantastic job in the past year by leading the company through an initial public offering on Spotlight Stock Market and then, along with colleagues and scientific advisors, reached extremely important milestones in completed and initiated studies. Through his care, PolarCool has become ready for the next phase on an exciting journey. The Board and Matz Johansson thank Iman for his valuable efforts and wish him good luck in his new operational role.

Iman Ziai comments;

-        It is with pleasure and confidence that I leave the reins to Matz Johansson. As a shareholder and Director of the Board, I am convinced that Matz is the right person to lead us on this growth journey that awaits PolarCool and its shareholders.

Matz Johansson will commence his role as CEO of PolarCool AB (publ) on September 16, 2019. Iman Ziai will then continue as CFO and head of Investor Relations.

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About PolarCool AB (publ)

PolarCool AB (publ) is a medical device company that develops, markets, and sells products for sports medicine. The company focuses on treatment of concussive and sub-concussive brain injury with the portable cooling device PolarCap® System. PolarCool AB (publ) is based in Lund, Sweden, and its shares are listed on Spotlight Stock Market.





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