New Ponsse loaders for efficient load handling

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Ponsse launches a new loader product family for the most popular forwarder models. The new K101 and K111 loaders are the latest additions to the product family, also represented by the previously launched K121 loader. The new loaders have been developed in cooperation with customers for efficient load handling, also in demanding conditions.

The new loaders have a structure designed and developed by Ponsse, with special focus placed on reliability and productivity. The strong and precise PONSSE K101 and K111 loaders are available for PONSSE Buffalo, Buffalo King and Bison Active Frame forwarders.

“Loaders account for a significant part of forwarders’ operating hours, and loads are large in this size category. For these reasons, the efficiency of the loader has a significant impact on the productivity of the forwarder. The whole new geometry and high power of the new PONSSE K101 and K111 loaders enable accurate controls and precise operations. A user-friendly loader is a particularly important factor considering the smooth flow of work and the operator’s wellbeing. The new loaders feature powerful hydraulics and a proven structure, with which even the farthest stems can be loaded safely and precisely. The new loaders also include new working lights”, says Juha Haverinen, forwarder product manager at Ponsse.

The PONSSE Active Crane loader control system is available for the new loaders. It allows the operator to control grapple movements instead of individual functions. As a result, the operator can efficiently focus on loader operations.

The simple but strong structure of the K101 and K111 loaders guarantees precise, user-friendly and efficient operations in the most popular forwarder size category.

Ponsse’s new K101 and K111 loaders:

  • New structure in this size category – based on PONSSE K121, one of the largest loaders on the market
  • Even stronger and more user-friendly than before
  • A maintenance-friendly and strong structure
  • New working lights
  • PONSSE Active Crane loader control system available

Technical specifications:

  • Lifting torque: 140 kNm/160 kNm (K101/K111)
  • Swing torque: 40 kNm
  • Reach: 8 m/10 m (S/M models)
  • Tilting base tilt angle: -12°…+24°

Further information:

Juha Haverinen,  Ponsse Plc, Product Manager, forwarders
tel. +358 40 839 8529,

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