Welcome to Shaping the Future – Data and Digitalization in Logging webinar!

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Ponsse wants to lead the development of future forestry business models and that is why digitalization and data are already part of our sustainable forestry roadmap.

Data acquisition and management enable the development of new tools (e.g., remote machine data configuration and scalable data platform) for business development. Also new services (e.g., fleet management, predictive maintenance and sustainability reporting) are developed together with our customers.

We are organizing “Shaping the Future” webinars on June 16, where our experts discuss about future logging and forestry operations enriched by digital services.

The English spoken webinars are live at 10:00 (Swedish and Finnish subtitles) and 16:00 EEST (Spanish and Portuguese subtitles).

Secure your spot now at: http://www.ponsse.com/.../pons.../shaping-the-future-webinar  

The participants of the panel discussion
• Senni Huutera, Director, Business Development & Strategy, Epec Oy
• Juho Leskinen, Product Group Manager, Digitalization & Information systems, Ponsse Plc
• Miika Soininen, Director, Digital Services & IT, Ponsse Plc
• Jaakko Kuivanen, Project Manager, Information Systems, Ponsse Plc




Juho Leskinen
Ponsse Plc, Product Group Manager, Digitalization and Information Systems,
juho.leskinen@ponsse.com, tel. +358 40 5742704