CDON and PostNord collaborate to increase the availability of 3D printing

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PostNord AB, the leading provider of communications and logistics solutions in the Nordic region, has entered into a collaboration with CDON to increase the availability of 3D printing in the Nordic market.

Last year, PostNord launched a 3D portal for corporate customers and the B2B market, via its subsidiary PostNord Strålfors. The 3D portal is a tool in which it is possible to work with the entire chain, from idea to 3D production on demand, in an encrypted environment. The portal provides a simple and seamless ordering process, with price automation for rapid displaying of price information about 3D parts. As of today, the portal will be integrated directly into CDON’s marketplace, thus making it easier for corporate customers to gain access to 3D printing.

-  3D printing will change the framework conditions regarding how numerous industrial segments handle the supply chain, from manufacturing to logistics and warehousing. We want to make 3D printing more accessible by offering companies the opportunity to use e-commerce when they are getting started with 3D production. CDON, with its strong position and experience as the Nordic region’s leading e-commerce marketplace, is a strong partner in this regard, says the CEO of PostNord Strålfors Group Ylva Ekborn.

3D printing enables sustainable and efficient development by producing exactly what is needed, when it is needed and as locally as possible, which reduces the need for warehousing, transport and overproduction. 3D printing significantly shortens lead times from production to consumer, by using digital warehouses and a distributed production process. The 3D portal enables the creation and ordering of products made from a variety of certified plastics and metals, and it is possible to implement everything from individual prototypes to series production runs for large industrial companies.  

- We are very pleased that PostNord has chosen to use our marketplace to enable better online availability of its 3D printing production. We are constantly working to improve the customer experience and with 3D printing our customers can easily and quickly satisfy their production needs without the need for long lead times, and with improved sustainably. We have noticed that many of our customers request not just products but also services of various kinds. During the year, we have therefore developed possibilities that allow retailers to easily connect to our platform, and thereby reach the entire Nordic region online with their services, via the marketplace. We are good with tech and want to promote such developments, says CCO at CDON David Olhed.

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