CTB Flex chooses Proact’s ‘Infrastructure as a Service’

CTB Flex, a leading ICT service provider to the flexible work industry, has recently signed a 3-year agreement with Proact for a fully hosted and managed server and storage infrastructure environment.

CTB Flex is part of CTB Holding and provides a total solution for temping agencies which supports their and intermediaries’ entire business processes. In order to ensure that flexible and temporary workers have constant access to internet portals, the underlying databases and applications, CTB decided to invest in optimising its storage infrastructure. In addition, this new environment ensures secure storage of all data entered.

According to Ronald Buitenhuis, Operations & Product Management Manager at CTB Flex, the image of the suppliers they approached during the selection process was more important than their actual specifications: “We wanted to completely outsource the management of our storage infrastructure. In a managed services structure, it is especially important that you can rely on your IT partner. We therefore made extensive enquiries with a peer group, consisting of customers of the suppliers selected. We enquired, among other things, into what the suppliers provided, how quickly they can deliver and how much value we would be getting for our money.”

In the end, CTB Flex opted for Proact. Not only because of its excellent references, but most of all because Proact is the thinking supplier. Kees Blokker, Infrastructure Architect at CTB says: “Where other suppliers said they would go along with our needs, Proact was the only one that really challenged us. They looked critically at our architecture and demands and recommended a better solution for us. Proact will be responsible for the entire management of the IT environment and we will be responsible for application management.”

Lucas den Os, Managing Director Proact Benelux: “Our ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ provision seamlessly fits the needs of the temping industry. Flexibility, cost, security and speed of application rollout are important factors here. It is not an impossible dream any more to size down infrastructure against SLAs in as straightforward a fashion as pouring water from a tap. We look forward to a successful cooperation with CTB Flex.”

Proact’s contact:
Lucas den Os, Managing Director Proact Benelux
Tel: +31(0) 79 361 97 65.

About CTB Flex (www.ctbflex.nl)

In the flexible work industry, CTB Flex is the software specialist that stands for trustworthy and innovative ICT services. CTB Flex’s credo is that everyone should be able to steer their careers the way they want and it backs up this belief with its product and service suite. CTB Flex develops software with enthusiasm and passion and constantly creates new functionalities with a short time-to-market. As a business partner and a full-service provider, CTB Flex adds

About Proact 

Proact is Europe's leading independent storage integrator and cloud services enabler. Delivering business agility since 1994 Proact help organisations across the globe reduce risk, reduce cost and most importantly deliver flexible, available and highly secure IT services.

Proact’s solutions cover all aspects of data storage, virtualisation, networking and security - with over 3,500 projects successfully delivered and 10PB of data under management in the Proact Enterprise Cloud.

The Proact Group has more than 650 employees and conducts business in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom. Proact was founded in 1994 and its parent company, Proact IT Group AB (publ) has been listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm since 1999 under the symbol PACT.

Additional information about Proact is available at www.proact.eu



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