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    Box 1205 164 28 Kista Kistagången 2
    +46 8 410 666 00
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  • Jonas Hasselberg

    CEO and President

    +46 722 13 55 56
  • Linda Höljö

    CFO & IR

    +46 72 507 40 85
  • Danny Duggal

    VP Commercial & Communications

  • Quotes

    Afa Insurance is one of several examples where both Proact and Conoa have a long-standing and close relationship with the customer. We have had the privilege of working in several projects and teams at Afa Insurance over the years. We can see what a head start they are creating by introducing new technology and at the same time investing heavily in training staff and developing working practices. Of course, it's also extra fun that we can help customers like Afa Insurance more broadly now that we have become part of Proact
    Thomas Ljungfeldt, Account Manager for Afa Insurance and CEO of Conoa
    We chose Proact because besides a good technical solution we were above all looking for a solid partner for the longer term who can supply independent integrated solutions.
    Erwin Sparreboom, Senior IT Manager SBM Schiedam
    Proact was responsible for the implementation and management of the FlexPod project. Thanks to the excellent knowledge transfer, we can now grow and expand the project with our own people.
    Wim Nagels, ICT Director EMEA at A. Schulman
    “The leading IT magazine in Belgium, Data News, elected Wim Nagels as ICT Manager of the Year, Large Organizations last year. A laureate of such a prestigious election choosing for Back-up as a Service and FlexPod by Proact, is an important recognition of our capabilities. The combination of FlexPod and Back-up as a Service offers A. Schulman multiple advantages. Both A. Schulman and Proact are international companies, which also leads to interesting opportunities for future collaboration.”
    Jan Barbier, Sales Director Belgium at Proact
    We chose Proact because their extensive experience and leading edge technology were important to us.
    Kimmo Kauppinen, ICT Production Director at Kaisanet
    . It was vital for us to get better overview, control and power in our systems and Proacts solution has delivered just this
    Nils Bernlo, Systems manager, Tura Scandinavia AB
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