Proact signs datacentre framework agreement for the Swedish public sector

Proact has signed a multiyear framework agreement with the National Procurement Services of Sweden for supplying datacentre products and services to the public sector, together with complementary consulting services. Under the agreement, Proact can deliver a broad range of hybrid solutions using a blend of conventional IT infrastructure and cloud services.

The new coordinated framework agreement for datacentre products and services is applicable to all public organisations in Sweden on the national, regional and local level. The total contract value has been estimated at SEK 1 billion annually by the National Procurement Services.

Proact is one of six suppliers selected through the procurement process who were the invited to sign the framework agreement, which is implemented using call-off with second competition. The agreement is effective immediately and runs over two years, with an optional two-year extension. It is comprised of four parts, covering the North, South and East regions, and one National.

Proact has extensive experience from and many clients in the Swedish public sector, and the new framework agreement enables the company to offer a broader range of solutions and services when compared to previous framework agreements. This is very clearly visible in services, where a private cloud service (IaaS) has been added to the new agreement.

”We are very satisfied to see the datacentre agreement at last being implemented, which means that Proact’s position in the public sector market in Sweden is reinforced,” says Lena Eskilsson, Managing Director, Proact IT Sweden. “We highly appreciate that public organisations will now have an easier choice between on-premise deployment, hybrid solutions and service-based delivery for their datacentre needs. We see this as a key enabler for the modern datacentre, and precisely in line with the philosophy we have applied for setting Proact’s strategic direction and for developing our offering.”

The datacentre framework agreement is replacing two separate agreements, which covered servers and storage, and networking products, respectively. The new agreement covers a full range of datacentre-related products and services including hardware, software, cloud services and customised service delivery to datacentre clients.

Proact has been included in the National Procurement Services’ framework agreements since 2007 and has a large number of public clients, including the Government offices, the Västra Götaland Region, the Mapping and Land Registration Authority, and the National Employment Agency.

For further information, please contact:

Lena Eskilsson, Managing Director, Proact IT Sweden AB
tel: +468 410 667 01,

Peter Javestad, VP / IR, Proact IT Group AB
tel +46 733 56 67 22,

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