ProAct strengthens Swedish consulting area by acquiring the business within SystemKompetens KB

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ProAct strengthens Swedish consulting area by acquiring the business within SystemKompetens KB ProAct Datasystem AB, a subsidiary of ProAct IT Group AB, today announced that they have acquired the business in SystemKompetens KB. SystemKompetens KB supplies technical expertise within the field of IT- consulting. The acquisition comprises eight consultants. SystemKompetens KB have been active in the market for eight years, offering specialised services in the database- and application fields. The consulting business offers prmarily strategic services with focus on system administration, database administration, integration and technical project management. The eight consultants will be integrated in the present consulting business within Professional Services in ProAct Datasystem AB. Christer Elfström, Managing Director of SystemKompetens and Peter Javestad, ProAct Professional Service manager, will jointly be responsible for optimal integration between the two companies. Mr Elfström will thereafter become a part of ProAct Professional Service and share his time between the selling- and consulting business. -We strongly look forward to this merger, says Christer Elfström, through our integration with ProAct we can tap into the possibilities and network of a large company and have all the prerequisites to further develop our existing services, making sure that SystemKompetens present customers are secure in their choice of a supplier of advanced IT- services. -SystemKompetens strongly complements our consulting business, resulting in broadened competence and further possibilities for us to take on a bigger entirety in a project. Something that should be interesting for all our customers, says Henrik Wahl, Managing Director of ProAct Datasystem AB. For further information, please contact: CEO Henrik Wahl, ProAct Datasystem AB, Phone +46 8 410 666 00 E-mail: Further information and pictures at ProAct is a specialist and independent integrator with know-how, methods and products in the field of data warehousing and infrastructure for securing mission-critical information. The company, which is active in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland and Sweden, focuses on large and medium-sized companies and organisations in need of secure and efficient handling of mission-critical information. Business is conducted in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Helsinki, Uleåborg, Oslo, Bergen, Hamar, Stavanger, Trondheim, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Linköping, Sundsvall, Lund, Karlskrona and Zurich with a staff of 360, most of whom are technically oriented. What sets ProAct apart is the technical expertise and competence of its personnel. ProAct IT Group AB is listed on the O-list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: