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Probi and China National Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation have signed a License & Supply Agreement

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This press release was originally released on 29th March 2021. The correct, full name of China National Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation and changes to the company description and quotes are hereby updated.

The Swedish probiotic supplier, Probi® and China National Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation (SINOPHARM FORIGN TRADE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (SINOPHARM), has entered a partnership to expand the offering of premium probiotic offerings in the Chinese market on Feb 5th, 2021.

SINOPHARM FORIGN TRADE will launch three probiotic supplements within the three aspects of immune health, bone health and iron absorption based on Probi´s scientifically proven probiotic strains.

Zhang Jiange, Director Pharmaceutical & Chemical Division of SINOPHARM FORIGN TRADE, states: “SINOPHARM FORIGN TRADE continues to commit to our strong sense of social responsibility guided by our core value “All for health, Health for all” and the important partnership with Probi, especially its first-class R&D capability helps us contribute with positive impact to China’s consumer healthcare industry.”

And she continues: These probiotics strains have relevant scientific verification and will be introduced under a new brand to expand SINOPHARM FORIGN TRADE’s existing supplement portfolio.”

Probiotics are a high-growth segment in China with a CAGR of 10.3% in the next 5 years according to Euromonitor.

Veronica Dong, Head of APAC, Probi: “We are excited to be partner with SINOPHARM FORIGN TRADE, who shares our vision of bringing innovative and scientifically supported products into China and the APAC region. With this partnership Probi has demonstrated its position as a leading probiotic company to capture high growth markets in the region such as China.”

“The partnership between Probi and SINOPHARM FORIGN TRADE is an important step in our commercial efforts in offering clinically documented probiotic products to consumers all over the world, and our expansion into China is a good step forward in establishing Probi’s position in the APAC region. In our partnership with SINOPHARM FORIGN TRADE we feel commitment and alignment in offering high quality products based upon research, clinical documentation and performance,” says Tom Rönnlund, CEO, Probi.

For further information, please contact:

Tom Rönnlund, CEO, Probi®,
Phone: +46 46 286 89 40, E-mail: trd@probi.com

Veronica Dong, Head of APAC, Probi®Phone: +65 6439 2313,
veronica.dong@probi.comCharlotte Beyerholm, Director Marketing & Global Communication, Probi®,
Phone: +46 76 870 94 65, E-mail: charlotte.beyerholm@probi.com


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ABOUT China National Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation

Established in 1981, China National Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation (SINOPHARM FOREIGN TRADE) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (SINOPHARM), a leading medical and healthcare group in China. SINOPHARM FOREIGN TRADE is committed to international trade of pharmaceutical products and medical industrial investment. It has established integrated multiple business models and diversified business sectors including international business of medical and health products, procurement services for medical institutions, discipline development services in medical institutions, and pharmaceutical supply chain service, which has established high reputation in the industry and accumulated rich and high-quality medical resources on a global scale.  Read more at www.sino-pharm.com