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  • Basudha Bhattarai Johansson

    VP HR & Sustainability

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  • Quotes

    A lot of virus and bacteria enter the body through the mucous membranes, where a majority of our immune system is located. Therefore, we believe that probiotics can play a vital role as delivery carrier.
    Professor Magnus Johansson
    This joint venture is an important step in our commercial efforts to address new and attractive market niches. Even in these turbulent times we see great opportunities to jointly build a successful business, based on our longstanding relationship and confidence in our respective abilities to create scientific and commercial success.
    Tom Rönnlund, CEO Probi
    “We are very excited about the results showing an opportunity to delay the progression of bone loss by using our probiotics in this healthy population, which potentially may lead to a reduced risk for osteoporosis.”
    Ole Søgaard Andersen, CEO of Probi
    We are very happy to initiate this development program together with a strong global partner in OTC. By combining Probi´s probiotic expertise with the pharma company's development resources and regulatory expertise, we will form a very strong team moving forward together.”
    Ole Søgaard Andersen CEO of Probi
    “We are proud to conclude that our largest clinical trial so far has successfully confirmed earlier clinical results. Interestingly, in subjects that did not experience any viral infection during the study period, there was an activation of the immune system measured already after 2 weeks of Probi Defendum® intake, indicating an alert and resilient immune system.”
    Peter Nählstedt, CEO Probi AB
    “It is extremely exciting to launch the new probiotic line - Probi Select™. Through the integration of Nutraceutix, Probi has established a complete probiotic offering with the Probi Premium, Probi Select and Probi LiveBac ranges. Probi is now a true “One stop shop” for any consumer goods company wanting to drive their position in the probiotic market”
    Niklas Bjärum, President Probi USA and Global Sales & Marketing Probi Group.
    I am very excited about this transforming acquisition. Nutraceutix is an excellent match for us. Probi and Nutraceutix have complementary business models, limited customer overlap and share strong entrepreneurial values. The acquision creates a strong platform to continue the growth story in the US and in the global market.
    Peter Nählstedt
    ”There has been strong growth in the North American and Asian probiotic markets the past few years. We now see a growing interest in Europe too, and our new distribution agreements clearly reflect this positive trend
    Niklas Bjärum, Vice President of Marketing & Sales
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