Probi and Örebro University to collaborate on research into exploration of novel, needle free vaccines

Örebro University, in collaboration with Probi AB, and nine other Swedish companies have been granted funding for research into novel, needle free vaccines through delivery via mucous membranes instead of using traditional injections.

Researchers will develop different types of novel vaccines and investigate vaccination through the mucous membranes. The delivery technology project will include the use of probiotic bacteria as carriers for the vaccine antigens, with the aim of inducing immunity against pathogens. The capability of probiotic bacteria to persist in close proximity to the mucosal surfaces will be utilized for presenting the vaccine antigens to the immune system and exerting immune-stimulating effects.

This type of vaccine already exists today, for instance for polio. However, in general, vaccination via the mucous membranes are underused, even though many virus and bacteria enter the body this way”, says Magnus Johansson, professor in bio-medicine and project manager of the research project.

”A lot of virus and bacteria enter the body through the mucous membranes, where a majority of our immune system is located. Therefore, we believe that probiotics can play a vital role as delivery carrier”, Professor Magnus Johansson explains.

Titti Niskanen, Director R&D & Clinical Operations at Probi, adds: “We are proud to be working with Örebro University and the other parties in order to examine how to meet a clear unmet medical need. Being part of a vaccine technology development which can actually help save lives is very special to Probi, as this was the reason for Probi’s foundation almost 30 years ago.”

“Industry-academic partnerships are powerful engines to drive innovation, and we hope that the research project will result in a new vaccine delivery technology that can be used in the fight of any future virus pandemic, like the Covid-19 which we are currently experiencing”, Professor Magnus Johansson concludes.



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The 10 companies participating in ”utvecklavaccin@oru”:

Valneva Sweden AB
Eurocine Vaccines AB
Adlego Biomedical AB
Svenska Vaccinfabriken Produktion AB
Mivac Development AB
Nordic BioAnalysis AB
Probi AB
Academy of Quality in Pharm Science AB
GU Ventures AB
Vecura (Karolinska universitetssjukhuset)


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A lot of virus and bacteria enter the body through the mucous membranes, where a majority of our immune system is located. Therefore, we believe that probiotics can play a vital role as delivery carrier.
Professor Magnus Johansson