QuickCool AB (publ) signs distribution agreement for the Baltic States

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QuickCool AB (publ) (”QuickCool”) has signed a distribution agreement for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia with UAB Labostera. QuickCool, that develops a patented intranasal cooling solution for patients who have suffered from sudden cardiac arrest, has signed its fourth distribution agreement. This time for the Baltic States with UAB Labostera in Lithuania.

Labostera was established in 2005 and has many years of experience of selling healthcare solutions in the region. Labostera has a wide portfolio but specialises in the supply of various equipment within the fields of research, education, forensic science and healthcare.

“QuickCool’s novel intranasal cooling solution enables us to expand further into the areas of intensive care. We provide installation of equipment, warranty and after-sales services, equipment maintenance and automation solutions. Providing consulting services, offering both seminars and training are coexisting activities of our successful business model”, General Manager and founder, Mr. Vytautas Aikevicius, says.

”We have found the most optimum partner to represent QuickCool in the Baltic countries”, Fredrik Radencrantz, CEO at QuickCool, says. “Labostera will continue their growth within the field of intensive care. We particularly like their experience and commitment to training, as this is a significant success factor when establishing and maintaining a long term business relationship with healthcare professionals.”

UAB Labostera
Labostera has the distribution rights to other MedTech products such as spectrometers, ENT devices, analytical equipment, and equipment for organ transplantations, just to name a few. Labostera is predominantly strong in Lithuania, but are expanding rapidly in both Estonia and Latvia.

For more information, please contact:
Fredrik Radencrantz, VD

Telefon: 046-286 38 40
E-post: fredrik.radencrantz@quickcool.se

This information is such that QuickCool AB is required to make public in accordance with the EU’s market abuse regulation (MAR). The information was made publicly available by the Company’s contact person on 22 November 2018.

QuickCool is a Swedish medical technology company, whose business concept is to save lives and prevent brain damage in acute ischemia (Inadequate blood supply to the brain) by developing and providing a unique and globally patented cooling system, the QuickCool SYSTEM. QuickCool is active in the fast-growing market, Targeted Temperature Management (TTM), for brain-protective cooling treatment of patients with e.g. acute cardiac arrest and stroke. QuickCool’s solution protects the brain by cooling in the nasal cavity and thus takes advantage of the innate heat exchanger in the nose. QuickCool’s Intranasal method offers gentle and uninterrupted cooling treatment for sedated patients. Quickcool is listed on Spotlight Stock Market and conducts its business at Ideon Science Park in Lund. For more Information, please refer to: www.quickcool.se

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