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The founding families Marklund and Dahlqvist are selling their entire holding to Norra Västerbotten Fastighets AB, which thereby increases its holding to 29.8% of Railcare Group AB.

The founding families Marklund and Dahlqvist previously owned 17.6% of Railcare Group AB, but are now selling their entire holding to Norra Västerbotten Fastighets AB. Daniel Öholm, a member of Group management and former CEO of Railcare Group AB, also sold a large part of his holding to the same buyer. Norra Västerbotten Fastighets AB was already the single largest shareholder of Railcare Group AB, and has now increased its holding in Railcare Group AB to 29.8%.

“It feels good to pass the baton on to a local long-term shareholder in Railcare, which was founded in a workshop in Skelleftehamn nearly 30 years ago. It is important to us that the culture we have built up continues and that Railcare remains a leading operator in the development of sustainable machinery for railways,” commented Ulf Marklund, Deputy CEO of Railcare Group AB and one of the founders.

Ulf Marklund will remain as Deputy CEO with operational responsibility of Railcare Group. The change of ownership is part of a long-term plan to create a stable and locally based ownership structure in order to capitalize on Railcare’s full potential.

“We are pleased that Norra Västerbotten Fastighets AB believes in us and our focus on driving progress in sustainable railway maintenance. I look forward to continuing our journey together,” commented Mattias Remahl, CEO of Railcare Group AB.

Norra Västerbotten Fastighets AB made the following comments in a press release:

“We have been a shareholder for over 10 years and are increasing our ownership because we believe that the company is well positioned for the future as a sustainable operator in railway maintenance and special transportation by rail, with good potential for long-term growth. Alongside Northvolt and Epiroc, Railcare has developed an entirely new concept for maintenance machines for railways, the battery-powered Multi Purpose Vehicle. I am convinced that the MPV concept has significant potential on markets outside Europe,” commented Anders Westermark, Chairman of Norra Västerbotten Fastighets AB.

The purpose of this press release is to provide background information to the changed shareholdings reported by senior executives.


For further information, please contact:
Mattias Remahl, CEO

Telephone: +46 (0)70–271 33 46

Lisa Borgs, interim IR and Communication Manager
Telephone: +46 (0)70–622 50 01

About Railcare Group
Rail specialist Railcare Group AB offers products and services that strengthen customer reliability, punctuality and profitability, mainly in the Nordic countries and the United Kingdom. The rail industry is growing and developing well, with increasing traffic volumes and extensive investment programs, along with a rapid development of cost-effective freight and passenger transport and increasing environmental awareness. Railcare has unique opportunities to deliver efficient solutions that contribute to the railways increasing their share of the total transport market. Railcare Group AB (publ)’s share is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Small Cap since April 2018. The Group has approximately 140 employees and annual sales amounting to approximately 400 MSEK. The Company’s registered office is domiciled in Skellefteå, Sweden.



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