Australia is an interesting market, like many others they have a great need for maintenance on the railway infrastructure. The difference is that the railway is to a greater extent owned by individual companies, for example, the mining companies who are also responsible for all maintenance on their railways.
Jonny Granlund, Business Area Manager for Railcare's Contracting Operations and Machine & Technology
I am impressed and proud of the dedication shown by our employees at this challenging time. The hallmark of our strong corporate culture is that we are flexible, agile and solution-oriented – and once again this has proven to be our greatest asset.
Mattias Remahl, CEO
We carried out some projects for Beacon Rail in 2022 and have built a good relationship with them. Happily, it has resulted in a renewed trust.
Patrik Söderholm, Operations Manager at Railcare Lokverkstad
We have been hoping for renewed trust from LKAB, and it is very pleasing that we have now received it. In this contract we also have the opportunity for an extension during 2024.
Mattias Remahl, CEO Railcare Group
The fact that our standby locomotives are located in a total of five locations, contributes to an increased long-term perspective for our transport operations.
Mattias Remahl, CEO Railcare Group
Our primary aim is to build an even stronger team of machine operators. We will do this by bringing them together in one company and recruiting an Operations Manager who will develop both the organisation and the individual.
Mattias Remahl, CEO Railcare Group
Railcare has an overall appeal that is quite unique. Since the company has everything from its own workshop to locomotives and train drivers, there is an extremely great understanding of the needs that arise. This is apparent partly through the knowledge they possess, along with the response time to problems that arise.
Arvid Haag, Fleet Manager, Nordic Re-Finance
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