The election committee’s proposal of board of directors for the Annual General Meeting 2019

Railcare Group AB (publ)’s election committee proposes that the Annual General Meeting re-elect the current members of the board of directors Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd, who is also proposed to be re-elected as chairman of the board, Ulf Marklund, Anna Weiner Jiffer, Adam Ådin and Anders Westermark and to newly elect Björn Östlund. In addition, the election committee propose that the Annual General Meeting resolves on a remuneration to non-employed board members elected by the general meeting and non-employed members of the board of directors’ various committees shall be, SEK 200 000 to the chairman of the board of directors and SEK 100 000 to each of the other board members.

Björn Östlund is Head of International Operations BA Road&Rail ÅF and chairman of the board of Gröna Städer. Björn previously worked in the role of Vice President at Banverket and Head of the Traffic and Delivery Division at Banverket, as well as Head of both Banverket Projekering and Banverket Produktion, currently Infranord. He has been involved in transport infrastructure since 1994 with board assignments for the Bothnia Line and the Railway industry association Tågoperatörerna. Björn was born in 1957 and holds a Master of science in industrial economics from Linköping University. 

The election committee’s other proposals will be presented in the notice to attend the Annual General Meeting of Railcare Group AB (publ)’s held in Skelleftehamn on 8 May 2019.

Prior to the Annual General Meeting 2019 the election committee[1] in Railcare Group AB (publ) consists of Åke Elveros (Norra Västerbotten Fastigheters AB), Per-Martin Holmgren (TREAC AB) and Kjell Lindskog (the families Marklund and Dahlqvist). Chairman of the election committee is Åke Elveros.  

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Daniel Öholm, CEO
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About Railcare Group

Rail specialist Railcare Group AB offers products and services that strengthen customer reliability, punctuality and profitability, mainly in the Nordic countries and the United Kingdom. The rail industry is growing and developing well, with increasing traffic volumes and extensive investment programs, along with a rapid development of cost-effective freight and passenger transport and increasing environmental awareness. Railcare has unique opportunities to deliver efficient solutions that contribute to the railways increasing their share of the total transport market. Railcare Group AB (publ)’s share is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Small Cap since April 2018. The Group has approximately 130 employees and annual sales amounting to approximately 300 MSEK. The company’s registered office is domiciled in Skellefteå, Sweden 

[1] A Swedish Election Committee is not a Board Committee but a preparatory body for the Annual General Meeting and consists of members appointed by the Company's owners.