Raisio plc: Proposal for members of the Board and their remuneration

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Raisio plc, Stock Exchange Release 10 February 2022

Proposal for members of the Board and their remuneration

The planned date for Raisio’s Annual General Meeting is Tuesday 12 April 2022. Based on the proposals by the Supervisory Board’s Nomination Committee, the Supervisory Board of Raisio makes the following proposals to the Annual General Meeting. The proposals will be included in the notice of the Annual General Meeting.

Remuneration of the members of the Board of Director

During the term commencing after the closing of the Annual General Meeting, the remuneration payable to the Chairman of the Board would be EUR 5,000 per month and the remuneration to the members of the Board EUR 2,500 per month. Approximately 20% of this remuneration shall be paid by assigning shares in the company’s possession and approximately 80% in cash. The remuneration shall be paid in two equal instalments during the term, so that the first instalment is paid on 15 June and the second on 15 December. In addition to this, a remuneration of EUR 800 would be paid to the Chairman of the Board for each board meeting and to the chairmen of the Board’s committees for each committee meeting and a remuneration of EUR 400 to the members of the Board for each board meeting, including the meetings of the Board’s committees. Remuneration for meetings would be paid in cash. Moreover, they will receive per diem allowance for meeting days and their travel expenses will be compensated according to the company’s travelling rules.

Number of members of the Board of Directors

The number of members of the Board of Directors would be confirmed as five (5).

Election of members of the Board of Directors

Current members of the Board Erkki Haavisto, Leena Niemistö, Ann-Christine Sundell, Pekka Tennilä and Arto Tiitinen would be re-elected, all for the term commencing at the closing of the General Meeting.

All nominees are independent in relation to the company and from its significant shareholders according to the definition set out in the Finnish Corporate Governance Code and all have given their consent for the election. Further information on the nominees is available on the company’s website https://www.raisio.com/en/investors/corporate-governance/annual-general-meetings/.

Sari Koivulehto-Mäkitalo, CLO
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Further information:
Paavo Myllymäki, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
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Raisio’s purpose is to make food which is good for Health, Heart and Earth. Our growth drivers and focus areas are Benecol® and plant stanol ester solutions, plant based foods, branded oat products for consumers and oat as raw material for industry. Our strong brands include for example, Benecol®, Beanit®, Elovena®, Sunnuntai®, Torino® and Benella®. In our products the focus is on well-being, health, good taste and responsibility. Raisio's values − courage, fairness and drive − guide us towards our targets. Raisio’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. In 2021, the Group’s net sales totaled EUR 246 million and comparable EBIT was EUR 22 million. Raisio employs about 400 people. www.raisio.com.