Realfiction announces a clarification regarding its patent pending ECHO display technology

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Realfiction Holding AB (“Realfiction”) announces a clarification on the status of the company’s patent-pending ECHO 3D display technology. This clarification is published in response to the many questions received from shareholders related to the press release on the publication of the international ECHO patent application, and presentation of more detailed information on the technology, that was published earlier today.

“The whole Realfiction team is excited about the strong shareholder interest in our ECHO technology, and we always strive to deliver up-to-date information on our progress. As the press release published earlier today was focused purely on the patent process and the presentation of more technical details on the ECHO technology, shareholders have been asking us to clarify how this affects the various parts of the ECHO project. I hope that we will be able to answer some of these questions in this press release, and look forward to share further information when a more detailed roadmap for the completion of ECHO is presented later this fall,” says Realfiction’s CEO Clas Dyrholm.

The international patent process for ECHO is moving forward as planned

  • Today’s publication of the international ECHO patent application, and the additional information sent from Realfiction to WIPO, are signs of progress in the international patent process. The announced expectation of a response from WIPO within a year for the new information provided is a natural part of this process and does not represent a delay of any kind. In fact, the patent process can be completed even if WIPO is in the process of further evaluating the inventive step. Realfiction is thus moving forward as planned with its international patent strategy, focusing on key regions such as the United States, Europe, China, Japan, and Korea.

The commercialization of ECHO is moving forward as planned

  • While the patent application process is separate from the commercialization process, today’s publication of the ECHO patent application enables Realfiction to share more detailed information about the technology to potential commercial partners (display manufacturers and consumer product companies) without negative effects to the company’s IP portfolio. Realfiction is therefore able to ramp up these contacts going forward.
  • In other words, Realfiction is fully able to sign and present commercial contracts for ECHO at any time and does not have to wait for any ECHO patent to be approved. This is why many commercially available products are labeled “patent pending”. ECHO represents a substantial licensing opportunity to Realfiction, due to materialize gradually for different potential use-cases.

The development of an ECHO license integration package is moving forward as planned

  • As previously stated, Realfiction has identified a single-digit number of sub projects that needs to be complete before a license integration package can be finalized and offered to display manufacturers and/or consumer product companies. While the license package is expected to facilitate a very broad adoption of ECHO as it will make integration in future display products much easier, it is important to highlight that commercial contracts can be signed before the license package is completed. While the progress in the ECHO international patent process communicated earlier today is separate from the process of completing the license package, it is positive for Realfiction to feel fully confident in being able to discuss technical details described in its patent application with potential development partners.
  • Realfiction is currently in discussions with potential development partners regarding the remaining sub projects and will publish an update on the next steps as soon as this becomes possible.

A more detailed roadmap for the completion of ECHO will be announced later this fall

  • Finally, as stated previously and reconfirmed in the press release published earlier today, Realfiction will be presenting a more detailed roadmap for the completion of ECHO later this fall. The progress in the ECHO international patent progress that was presented earlier today was one important milestone that the company wanted to achieve before this more detailed roadmap is presented.

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About Realfiction Holding AB
Founded in Denmark in 2008, Realfiction is a leading innovator and provider of Mixed Reality solutions and services, a market estimated to reach USD 80 billion by 2025. Realfiction continues to invent technologies within Mixed Reality, with an intention to disrupt the industry by pursuing the vision of converting science fiction into real fiction. Realfiction Holding AB’s share is publicly traded on Nasdaq Stockholm First North under the symbol “REALFI”. The share’s ISIN code is SE0009920994.




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