Realfiction announces positive results from the ECHO backplane feasibility study

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Realfiction Holding AB (“Realfiction” or “the Company”) announces positive results from the ECHO backplane feasibility study, which was announced in November 2020. The simplified ECHO fabrication approach pre-validated during the study aims for easier integration, a slimmer form factor and even lower manufacturing costs for both the LCD and OLED version of the ECHO 3D holographic display.

The positive results were produced in a feasibility study by Realfiction’s development team with important contribution from Aalborg University, Denmark, and other collaboration partners. The Company will now focus on the second step of the completion phase: finalizing the remaining subprojects of the ECHO integration license package no later than the end of Q1, 2022. This will be done in collaboration with leading European research institutes and facilities. The ECHO integration license package is expected to include specification of components, illustrations and diagrams needed for a multi-user ECHO display. The remaining part of the completion phase will take 11-14 months, upon which the license package shall enable mass production of full-sized, high resolution multi-user ECHO 3D holographic display products at a price point affordable for a broad consumer base after scaling the production to meet the expected global demand.

“With these positive results regarding our simplified ECHO fabrication approach, we have taken a significant step forward with the ECHO technology. This is of course great news for Realfiction, as we can now aim for a simplified fabrication approach resulting in an even slimmer form factor and a lower price point. And all of this is being done with high resolution multi-user capability in mind, which is above-and-beyond any possibly competing glasses-free technology known to us, even in the expensive enterprise segment,” says Steen Iversen, Realfiction’s Director of Advanced Display Technology.

During the spring of 2021, Realfiction will seek a parallel co-development agreement with a commercial display manufacturer for the ECHO backplane. Although the backplane will also be developed with European research institutes, a cooperation with a large manufacturer could speed up the process of bringing ECHO to commercialization. A first ECHO display product could potentially reach the market in 2023. Throughout the entire completion phase, the Company will continue to focus on continuously strengthening and safeguarding its ECHO IP portfolio.

After having received 35.8 MSEK from a heavily oversubscribed directed issue in November 2020, which included warrants that can generate an additional up to approx. 41 MSEK in November 2021, Realfiction expects to be completely funded throughout 2021 and 2022.

For more information about Realfiction Holding AB, please contact: 
Clas Dyrholm, founder and CEO 
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Mangold Fondkommission AB is the company's Certified Adviser and can be contacted via or +46 8 503 015 50.

About Realfiction Holding AB
Founded in Denmark in 2008, Realfiction is a leading innovator and provider of Mixed Reality solutions and services, a market estimated to reach USD 80 billion by 2025. Realfiction continues to invent technologies within Mixed Reality, with an intention to disrupt the industry by pursuing the vision of converting science fiction into real fiction. Realfiction Holding AB’s share is publicly traded on Nasdaq First North Growth Market under the symbol “REALFI”. The share’s ISIN code is SE0009920994.





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