Realfiction announces Proof of Concept for its Project Echo technology

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Realfiction Holding AB (“Realfiction”) has completed a Proof of Concept for its patent pending Project Echo (“ECHO”) technology, thus reaching a major milestone in its mission to truly change the world of 3D. ECHO is a scalable display technology that makes it possible and cost effective to present high quality 3D in open air, without the use of glasses or other lenses and with look-around capability for groups of people. 

Proof of Concept: The Proof of Concept was established today in a demonstration of the first groundbreaking directional ECHO pixels, in open air. It is challengingto demonstratethe significanceof this event by simply showing the first ECHO pixels being successfully lit in open air. However, although each ECHO pixel is small and limited by nature, they can be scaled to an almost infinite number in the same system to improve size and resolution. They will enable full 3D moving images with look-around capability to appear in open air without the use of glasses, in ways not seen before and without a need for unrealistic amounts of processing power. The laboratory work with the ECHO Proof of Concept was evidenced by the Realfiction lab team, who concluded that the ECHO technology works. The essence of the Proof of Concept is the demonstration that directional pixels can be constructed using the ECHO technology, that is much more precise, faster and scalable to larger displays than other types of directional pixels.

Potential usageThe ECHO technology opens a number of scenarios. Please refer to Realfiction’s “Step-up-2019” webinar from 27 November 2018. The webinar covering the ECHO technology from timestamp 18:10 and related IP and patenting at timestamp 32:00 can be seen here. The scenarios introduced in this webinar are just a few examples of how the ECHO technology can be expected to open new standards across a number of markets and verticals, in business-to-business as well as consumer markets. 

Potential market reach: The ECHO technology is in fact relevant for several display-related industries and markets. These include the light field industry, which is a fast moving B2B market worth around 1 billion USD with a wide range of providers.[1].ECHO can potentially supplement or replace the wide range of glasses-based technologies in the 5-10 billion USD augmented reality market[2], and last but not least, ECHO could represent an important innovation for the entire global display market, which is worth well beyond 100 billion USD today[3]. The ECHO technology is being developed with the aim of reaching a leading position in relevant segments within these large global markets.  

Roadmap to commercialization: As described above, the ECHO technology is targeted to change the global display market. It may take several years before this can materialize at scale, as the ECHO technology will need to be integrated into future versions of core display technologies and standards. Hence, Realfiction is currently pursuing severalroutes towards a more rapid commercial deployment of the ECHO technology in business to business installations and high-end consumer markets. Realfiction’s first commercial focus is to cooperate with industrial partners to integrate the first-generation ECHO technology with existing technology components.  

The team: Realfiction Labs, represented by Peter Simonsen (Co-founder of Realfiction), Steen Iversen (Director of Advanced Display Technology) and Morten Corell (R&D Technician) and their development partners have worked intensively together to reach today’s major milestone. 

Peter Simonsen comments: “Being able to actually experience our new and truly unique technology is a dream come true. With the ECHO technology, it will become possible to launch displays at attractive price points, allowing groups of users to view and interact with unique free-floating 3D images in ultra-high resolution while moving around without any need for glasses. We believe that ECHO’s potential in terms of ways that it can change the world of 3D – and displays in general for that matter – has not yet been fully understood, not even by ourselves. After today’s successful Proof of Concept, we believe that we now hold the key to the huge potential that almost every large player in the global display industry has been trying to unlock”.

Clas Dyrholm, CEO of Realfiction comments: “Thanks to our remarkable development team, we now have what we refer to as the holy grail of 3D within sight. I am therefore humbled to announce that not only has the course been set towards this previously unattainable vision, I believe it is now also possible and likely for us to reach this goal within a few years. Today, we celebrate this major breakthrough by our team. Tomorrow, we will commence the commercial acceleration, in parallel with the continued development towards completion and scaling of the technology. 

Important disclaimer: Although Realfiction and its Board of Directors fully support the information and statements in this press release with great excitement, and while they also acknowledge the apparent groundbreaking potential of the ECHO technology, it cannot be guaranteed that a) the ECHO technology will indeed be included in commercial products, b) the patents pending will in fact be granted and c) the ECHO technology will obtain and/or maintain any future leadership position vis-à-vis competing technologies, existing or invented in the future.

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