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Realfiction announces successful completion of integration license package for its ECHO holographic display technology

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Realfiction Holding AB (“Realfiction”) announces the successful completion of the integration license package for its ECHO holographic display technology. With no red flags or issues detected, Realfiction is now ready to enter into technical due diligence discussions with potential partners for OLED ECHO display products, and to complete its first LCD ECHO display during the first half of 2023.

Together with its development partners, the Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP, Germany, and Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre, Belgium, Realfiction has successfully completed the integration license package for its ECHO holographic display technology, with no red-flags or issues detected during the work. The ECHO integration license package includes the developed OLED backplane design together with illustrations, simulations, reports, patent documentation and diagrams that can enable mass production of full-sized, multi-user ECHO displays.

Realfiction’s licensing and manufacturing strategy for ECHO has matured during the past years of development of the technology. The current plan has two paths; one being the path for the LCD display versions that Realfiction currently pursues with its partner AmTRAN, and the second is the path for OLED display versions.

LCD display path:
The LCD display path is less costly, and Realfiction and AmTRAN are currently collaborating in the joint development of certain LCD versions incorporating the ECHO technology. If this development is successful, the alliance will utilize AmTRAN’s manufacturing facilities and allow both companies to sell the display products. The agreement includes a revenue sharing model for products sold that ensures revenue to both parties no matter who is the selling part.

OLED display path:
OLED display technology is expected to become the future standard of televisions, as well as for displays in numerous additional markets, but production is also more costly to initiate. Realfiction has had discussions and presentations with relevant potential licensing and collaboration partners, but so far two reasons have made these discussions difficult. The first is that Realfiction has been advised against sharing detailed information about the underlying technology at this stage, and the second is that “seeing is believing”. Without a fully functional display to show, and a high degree of safeguarding around the core technology, it has been difficult to enter into concrete negotiations. With the integration license package successfully completed, Realfiction is now ready to initiate technical due-diligence discussions.

In addition to the focus on the underlying ECHO technology, Realfiction is looking for licensing and collaboration partners in many different industry verticals. These industry verticals include consumer displays (televisions, computers, gaming monitors etc.) as well as displays for the automotive, entertainment, medical and construction industries. Thanks to the collaboration with AmTRAN, Realfiction expects to show the world the first ECHO holographic display during the first half of 2023. With this milestone set, the company will continue its ongoing discussions with industry participants while at the same time intensifying its development efforts at AmTRAN’s facilities in Taiwan.

“With the integration license package completed within the previously communicated timeframe, and intensive development taking place at AmTRAN’s facilities in Taiwan, the future looks promising for Realfiction. We can’t wait to show the world our first ECHO holographic display, and we remain confident that this will happen during the first half of 2023,” says Clas Dyrholm, CEO of Realfiction and continues: “The LCD path is in our hands to pursue as we have access to manufacturing facilities, know-how and our patent-pending ECHO technology, and for the OLED path, we are ready to ramp up the information flow to interested licensing and collaboration partners by disclosing additional information.”

For more information about Realfiction Holding AB, please contact:
Clas Dyrholm, founder and CEO 

Telephone: +45 25 22 32 81
Email: clas@realfiction.com 

Certified Adviser
Mangold Fondkommission AB is the company's Certified Adviser and can be contacted via ca@mangold.se or +46 8 503 015 50.

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