Realfiction Holding AB announces its Q1-03 Interim Report for January – September 2018.

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Realfiction Q1-Q3 Interim Report 2018Important key figures:

  • 38% increase in total revenue year to date (Q1-Q3) 2018 compared to Q1-Q3 2017
  • 58% increase in gross profit in Q3 2018 compared to Q3 2017
  • 40% increase in gross profit year to date (Q1-Q3) 2018 compared to Q1-Q3 2017
  • 7% points increase in Gross profit margin in Q3 2018 compared to Q3 2017
  • Cash-flow break-even expected during 2019 excluding development cost
  • Revenue target of 100 million DKK from Magic-as-a-Service in two to three years 

During and after the period, Realfiction has seen progress in a number of areas, including:

Magic-as-a-ServiceIn September we announced that the first Magic-as-a-Service (MaaS) client would be Danske Spil, the #1 betting company in Denmark, grapping a great opportunity of creating more awareness and positive reactions in the largest chain of hyper markets in Denmark. The campaign was launched on October 1stscheduled to run through October and November 

The World’s first Mixed Reality media channel:The campaign with Danske Spil has been extended to end of 2018 and has convinced Bilka, the chain of hyper markets, of the positive effects of our retail experience solutions. Visitors are reacting very positively to the solution, and Bilka can see a growth in revenue on the marketed product. Realfiction has therefore been granted access to establish up to 3 positions in each hyper market, each representing a unique marketing position for a variety of brands that are selling their products in these stores. As 6,5 mio. visitors are passing through Bilka’s doors each month, this chain is extremely interesting for all the consumer brands. 

Project Echo: At the webinar, this week, we also announced the launch of a new development project under the name “Project Echo”. The aim is to develop a display technology that makes it possible for a group of people to experience and interact with holographic effects in open space, without any physical media or lens between them and the effects. This has historically been an unattainable vision for the industry that most people are aware of from science fiction movies

CEO Clas Dyrholm comments: “I am delighted to report continued, significant growth and performance improvement year over year. Also, I am pleased to report that Mixed Reality is due to mature and grow into a billion US dollar opportunity in the coming years. On that basis, we have decided to take the lead in commercial development of this vast market. We will continue to sell our hardware in projects, but as outlined in our STEP-UP-19 plan, that I announced earlier this week, we will pursue the MaaS potential in Denmark and internationally as well as our groundbreaking new technology with full force”. 

Q3 2018 (01-07-2018-30-09-2018)

•                Revenue totaled TSEK 5,675 (Q3 2017: TSEK 4,165)

•                Result after financial items amounted to TSEK -1,505 (Q3 2017: TSEK -2,144)

•                Gross profit totaled TSEK 2,887 (Q3 2017: TSEK 1,830)

•                Gross profit margin* was 50.9 (Q3 2017: 43.9%)

•                Earnings per share** SEK –0.13 (Q3 2017 SEK -0.17)

•                Cash flow from operating activities was TSEK -4,609 (Q3 2017: TSEK -2,882) 

Q1–Q3 2018 (01-01-2018-30-09-2018)

•                Revenue totaled TSEK 17,980 (Q1-Q3 2017: TSEK 12,995) 

•                Result after financial items amounted to TSEK -9,344 (Q1-Q3 2017: TSEK -5,934) 

•                Gross profit totaled TSEK 8,306 (Q3 2017: TSEK 5,936)

•                Gross profit margin* was 46.2% (Q3 2017: 45.7%) 

•                Earnings per share**SEK –0.75 (Q1-Q3 2017: SEK -0.60) 

•                Cash flow from operating activities was TSEK -15,512 (Q1-Q3 2017: TSEK -7,386) 

*Gross profit margin: Gross profit as a percentage of Net revenue.

** Earnings per share: The net profit or loss for the period divided by the average number of shares.

For more information about Realfiction Holding AB, please contact: 
Clas Dyrholm, founder and CEO 
Telephone: +45 25 22 32 81 

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About Realfiction Holding AB 
Founded in Denmark in 2008, Realfiction is a leading innovator and provider of mixed-reality solutions and services, a market estimated to reach USD 80 billion by 2025. Realfiction continues to invent technologies within Mixed Reality, with an intention to disrupt the industry by pursuing the vision of converting science fiction into real fiction. Realfiction Holding AB’s share is publicly traded on Nasdaq Stockholm First North under the symbol “REALFI”. The share’s ISIN code is SE0009920994.