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  • Revenio Group Corporation: The Revenio Icare ic200 intraocular pressure measurement device has been granted marketing authorization in the United States

Revenio Group Corporation: The Revenio Icare ic200 intraocular pressure measurement device has been granted marketing authorization in the United States

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Revenio Group Corporation, Press release, January 15, 2020 at 10.15


Icare ic200, the new generation tonometer for intraocular pressure screening for professional use has been cleared by FDA, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. The product has been previously authorized in both Europe and Japan. The FDA clearance now enables the launch of sales and marketing measures also in the United States.

“I look forward with great interest to the launch of the Icare ic200 intraocular pressure measurement device sales in the United States. The Icare ic100 is well-liked in the United States, and now we have the opportunity to start the sale of a product on the market, which has already demonstrated a lot of interest in intraocular pressure measurements taken with the patient in a recumbent position,” says Timo Hildén, CEO & President of Revenio Group.

Icare ic200 is a fast, reliable, accurate and easy-to-use tonometer for intraocular pressure screening. Increased intraocular pressure is the only risk factor for glaucoma which can be influenced. This is why measurement of intraocular pressure is so important. The special feature of Icare ic200 is that measurements can be performed in a seated, half-seated or recumbent position. For example, after cataract surgery, measuring intraocular pressure when the patient is in a lying position is an important part of the treatment process.

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