Apex Vertical Transport Master Classes are riding high

Apex Lifts has seen a sharp rise in demand for its unique Vertical Transport Master Classes after the programme was made available to customers outside of Apex’s own portfolio.

Designed for all client bases, particularly facilities management teams and housing associations, the Vertical Transport Master Classes teach the basic principles of lift management and operation, with a focus on safety management. Reliability and safety is the name of the game at Apex and understanding lifts is key to this. The course is designed to increase knowledge and skill within the industry.

Attendees are taught to be proficient in lift operation, their safety systems and the dangers entailed as well as how best to avoid them. The aim is to provide a value added service that makes a difference to the industry.

“At Apex, our experience tells us that education is key to building a highly skilled workforce,” comments Warren Jenchner, Managing Director. “We are in a prime position to help make this happen across the industry and are delighted to share our expertise in order to achieve this.”

The one-day course is in two sessions: the morning session focuses on technical training, and the afternoon session on legislation. During the technical segment of the course, trainees benefit from an on site lift, with working control panel, enabling them to execute simulation service calls, creating an experience as close to the real thing as possible.

The second half of the course delves into the legal responsibilities of those servicing lifts and the lift owner as well as safety and the costs of being non-compliant.

Apex also offers a condensed course for apprentices from TCD (Training Centre Direct). These sessions are purely technical lift training and aims to give an interactive learning experience to the next generation of lift engineers.

“The course is an opportunity to improve industry standards,” says John Roberts, co-host of the master class and Service Director at Apex. “It is paramount that all who work with lifts are well versed in how they are operated and how they are managed.”

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About Apex Lifts

Apex Lifts is London’s largest independent lift manufacturing and elevator servicing company. With over four decades of trading excellence, Apex maintains, repairs, refurbishes, installs and manufactures quality bespoke lifts throughout London and Southern England.

Apex Lift’s philosophy has remained unchanged for 43 years: Our commitment to excellence will always be demonstrated in the service we provide. The first company within the UK lift industry to be awarded all three major quality management accreditations, over the years Apex has secured some of the most prestigious lift contracts, including for the Royal Households.

Delivered from our in-house facilities Apex provides flexible out of hours amenities and lift services, and whilst no installation or service contract is ever the same, every one conforms to stringent European and British Standards. Apex Lifts is dedicated to providing a standard of product and service that will not just meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.

At Apex, we understand how important employees are, and pride ourselves on our training and continued development of apprentices and staff. We have an unrivalled team of highly skilled personnel who have dedicated many years of hard work to serving our business and our customers. Every Apex Lift's staff member must display at pre-appointment stage obvious communication and people skills, in addition to understanding the importance of a flexible ‘can do’ approach.

Apex Lifts is an EAL approved assessment centre and the Apex Training Academy provides support not only for our own staff, but for our clients too, so you can get a real insight in to operating and maintaining your own lifts and elevators.


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Apex Lifts is an EAL approved assessment centre and the Apex Training Academy provides support not only for our own staff, but for our clients too.
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At Apex, our experience tells us that education is key to building a highly skilled workforce.
Warren Jenchner, Managing Director