Integrated Business Planning (IBP) brings that truly strategic perspective, helping to deliver real business transformation and helping the business to get it done.
Les Brookes, CEO of Oliver Wight EAME
Stepping into the showroom should be like stepping into your dream kitchen – that is what we try to achieve.
Howard Stoneham, Sales Director
At Apex, our experience tells us that education is key to building a highly skilled workforce.
Warren Jenchner, Managing Director
The equipment is part of our continuous investment in technology and our customers. It is important we continue to move forward, keeping abreast with technology and ahead of trends.
Mike Stoneham
In terms of style, the Stoneham aesthetic was a perfect fit, offering the combination of contemporary and classic design required for the developments.
Howard Stoneham, Sales Director
“This was a fun project for me, because the specifications of kitchen were diverse; Infusions4Chefs use it for many things, such as cookery courses, demonstrations, and high profile events. It was neither a domestic nor a commercial project, but something in between. I knew Stoneham had the flexibility to supply the kitchen ICE was dreaming of!”
Glynis Brown, Ronyar Kitchen Centre
“This has been a long time coming for us, and we’ve seen a lot of kitchen designers. We had a tour of the Stoneham factory and every element was just right, from the curved doors to the hinges. The storage solutions are so innovative, with tall frontals hiding multiple drawers – it’s a really great use of space in such a packed and busy kitchen! And we never get bored of the soft close doors – they’re so cool!”
John Jackaman, Infusion4Chefs
“The Apex Lifts ethos is based around providing a service that is deliberately different, and pushing forward to ensure that our customers know their lifts are in safe hands.
Apex Lifts Managing Director, Warren Jenchner
“The apprentices were really engaged with the presentations and were asking lots of questions about how we do things at Apex and the different training and development options available to further a career in the lift industry.”
Apex Project Manager, Peter Gruzinski
“When I read the job description, I knew this role was right for me. I’m looking to push forward on business development, and successfully tender for some exciting new projects. I’m also excited to be working closely with clients, stakeholders, and liaising with RONIN Marketing, our PR agency.”
Rowena Montanaro
“People change by doing things differently. But half the battle is helping them want to do things differently.”
Andrew Fraser
“Stoneham customers rely on their local Stoneham kitchen centre for the best possible design advice and these sessions gave our retailers a chance to get a real feel for the new 2015-2016 product catalogue. We covered the new technical refinements of the lower priced ranges in the Innovations brochure, and discussed the latest design trends, such as sleek, streamlined kitchens in modern colour schemes, like grey and cream.”
Howard Stoneham, Sales Director at Stoneham Kitchens
“We were delighted to be able to use the Blum UK office in Milton Keynes and demonstrate the Blum Legrabox, the latest box drawer system, available in all the new Stoneham ranges.The Legrabox has increased weight capacity, at the same time as providing a slimmer profile and incredibly smooth running action.”
Eddie Chu, Commercial Manager at Stoneham Kitchens
“The students really enjoyed being able to actually see the manufacturing process, step-by-step.”
Becky Brown, Design Technology teacher at Sevenoaks School
“It was a pleasure to show the Sevenoaks Design Technology students the ins and outs of the British manufacturing industry. Perhaps one day in the not so distant future, they’ll be joining our kitchen design team!”
Howard Stoneham, Sales Director at Stoneham Kitchens
I’ve been looking for the right property to house the Apex office for some time. The aim was to find a larger space to accommodate our expanding team, with a great atmosphere to work in and visit.
Warren Jenchner, Managing Director, Apex Lifts
2015 is set to be an exciting year for Apex Lifts, so it’s the perfect time to move to a bigger office space.And while the offices are separate from our manufacturing facilities, we’re still keen to show off what we do at Apex, so we’re installing our own-brand ‘show lift’, complete with glass doors and LCD screen displaying our twitter feed.
Warren Jenchner, Managing Director, Apex Lifts
Delegates leave the classes able to deal with any lift problems with much greater knowledge, and thus in a safer, calmer fashion. Plus, we have a bit of fun while we do it.
John Roberts, Service Manager, Apex Lifts
It is vital those who are managing lifts have a good understanding of how they operate, their safety systems and how hazards can be avoided
Warren Jenchner, Managing Director, Apex Lifts
At Apex, we are always looking at new ways to improve reliability and safety performance. Educating those who look after lifts on a day-to-day basis is sure to have a positive impact
Warren Jenchner, Managing Director, Apex Lifts
“Hydraulic lifts are extremely reliable. However, in the unlikely event a valve fails or develops a significant leak, there is a risk the electrical re-levelling may be unable to cope, and this can cause the lift to move with the doors open. Gate lock valves - available for any make or model hydraulic lift - will make sure this cannot happen by preventing the lift car from moving downwards.”
Warren Jenchner, Managing Director - Apex Lifts
The new kitchens have been designed for discerning home owners seeking the refinement and flexibility of a Stoneham kitchen but at price they may find surprisingly affordable
Howard Stoneham
“We’re extremely proud to achieve the RoSPA Gold medal, and our fifth Gold Award. The sustained high level of health and safety performance Apex has achieved is testament to the hard work put in by all of our staff to create a culture of safety across the business.”
Warren Jenchner, Managing Director
“The RoSPA Awards encourage the raising of occupational health and safety standards across the board. Organisations that gain recognition for their health and safety management systems, such as Apex Lifts, contribute to a collective raising of the bar for other organisations to aspire to, and we offer them our congratulations.”
David Rawlins, RoSPA’s awards manager
“With wonderful music in such a picturesque garden setting, it’ll be a great evening. People can bring a picnic and enjoy a lovely summer evening relaxing with their hampers and champers, and win one of the great prizes in our raffle!”
Carol Collins, RDA Sponsorship Secretary
“RDA is doing great work, but it needs more funding to continue giving those with learning and physical disabilities the opportunity to learn to ride.”
Graham Appleton, A440 Chamber Orchestra Cellist and Host
“The benefits to the riders can be huge; for example one of our regular riders has cerebral palsy and riding has really helped improve his walking. We are very grateful to Graham for helping us host this event.”
Donna Jenkins, RDA Group Organiser
It is incredibly exciting to be involved in a project with such a rich heritage and culture.
Warren Jenchner, Managing Director, Apex Lifts
This is the first time since the tunnels were built - over 100 years ago - that this extent of work has been carried out on them, and Apex Lifts is proud to be a part of the process of regeneration.
Warren Jenchner, Managing Director, Apex Lifts
Sustaining the heritage of the Woolwich tunnel was of paramount importance.
Warren Jenchner, Managing Director, Apex Lifts
Whilst we’ve updated the technology, we’ve retained what we could of the original lifts. The 1912-original panels were removed, restored, polished, and reused. The newly renovated lifts are now in operation, looking great, and running smoothly.
Warren Jenchner, Managing Director, Apex Lifts
“From design, to manufacturing and through to installation, the lift project for Tate & Lyle Sugars has been challenging; it was vital to ensure heavy loads of sugar were delivered safely and efficiently throughout the building.”
Warren Jenchner, Managing Director of Apex Lifts
“The new lift is safe, reliable and efficient, and has allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint.”
Andrew Harvey, Project Engineer at Tate & Lyle Sugars.
“The kids had a great time, they loved all the activities, especially the big swing. Over the weekend not only were new friendships developed, but some old ones reaffirmed. For example, two on the weekend were brother and sister, who live separately in long-term care, so it gave them the opportunity to spend some quality time together.”
Carol Penny, Chief Executive of Bexley SNAP
“With such a variety of lifts to maintain, this will be an interesting and diverse contract. We’re excited to help keep the lifts running, so that visitors can continue to enjoy the museum.”
Warren Jenchner, Managing Director, Apex Lifts
Private label has witnessed an unprecedented growth in the past decade, and now manufacturers are presented with an exciting opportunity to produce products for major retailers, taking advantage of their promotional and marketing activities, global expansions and steady customer demand.
Stuart Harman, Partner, Oliver Wight
Entering into the private label supply chain is no mean feat and with the risk of leaving profit, power, and supply chain control at the mercy of powerful retailers, there is a lot at stake
Stuart Harman, Partner, Oliver Wight
“We’ve been exhibiting at Grand Designs Live for six years now, and saw it as a great place to unveil the latest ranges, alongside some Stoneham classics, like Knole and Strata.”
Adrian Stoneham, Managing Director
“By encouraging the next generation of designers and continuing to produce new, exciting kitchen solutions, we’re looking forward to another 150 years in business!”
Adrian Stoneham, Managing Director
“With concealed handles, integrated storage and a wide range of colour options available, the new ranges are as functional as they are beautiful,”
Howard Stoneham, Sales Manager
“Grand Designs is an excellent opportunity for our designers to show off their skills and create kitchens with the wow-factor. Of course you can expect to see Stoneham’s signature curves, but we’re also be unveiling some fresh designs too; more geometrical shapes but with all the same attention to detail; flush doors and handle less variants, dovetail joining, clever storage, integral lighting and the latest appliances from Gaggenau.
Adrian Stoneham - Managing Director
Reliability doesn’t revolve around maintenance, it begins long before this, in the initial design and installation processes.
Andrew Fraser
This master class will explain the fundamentals behind reliability practices, and describe how procurement, operations and maintenance need to work together during new capital projects to make sure the right practices are applied to reduce lifecycle costs and increase reliability.
Andrew Fraser
With potential savings of millions of pounds, the business case for establishing reliability as a core value is a strong one
Ron Moore
Whether you’re a manager or operator, you’ll learn simple, practical and achievable ways to solve your problems. I left the class ready to start on a completely new set of priorities.
Derek Park, former Transformation Manager, BP
It’s a really fantastic year for Stoneham Kitchens as we celebrate the past 150 years, and the designs and innovations that got us here. We hope the art and design competitions will inspire local students to get excited about kitchen design, learn about British manufacturing and that we’ll discover some budding designers and innovators!
Adrian Stoneham