Gauldal Brann og Redning (Fire and Rescue Sevices) chooses RescueRunner for swift water rescue

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To minimize the number of drownings that occurs every year in the river that runs through the two Norwegian counties called Midtre Gauldal and Melhus, the local fire rescue services will now invest in a RescueRunner system.


Gauldal Brann og Redning, south of Trondheim, Norway with their eight part-time stations have the main responsibility for all swift water rescue as well as for searching for missing persons along the coast where the river runs out in the sea. The river itself is a very popular place for salmon fishing, and it draws a lot of visitors due to that. Their new RescueRunner system has been selected because of its robustness and capabilities of withstanding the tough conditions rapid water rescue involves and to enable Gauldal Brann og Redning to carry out searching actions in shallow swift waters with a lot of debris. "It is very encouraging to see that yet another fire and rescue services chooses our RescueRunner as the most suitable and robust system for their demanding operations", says Linda Ahl, VP / Sales and Business Development Manager, Safe at Sea AB (publ)

Order value: 390 000 SEK

Delivery: April 2019

Brannvesenet Rddningstjnsten Gauldal Norge

Linda Ahl

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Safe at Sea AB designs, manufactures and sells light, flexible och cost effecient Search-and Rescue SAR systems. These systems contribute to saving lives and optimizing SAR operations around the world and are likely to be the most effecient systems in the world when it comes to rescuing casualties out of the water. The systems involve personal equipment, operating methods, launch-and recovery solutions as well as training. The fundament of Safe at Seas product portfolio is the RescueRunner, SafeRunner, FireRunner and GuardRunner. The company is based in Göteborg, Sweden and listed on the stock market AktieTorget since the 10th January 2008. 





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Gauldal Brann og Redning (Fire and Rescue) chooses RescueRunner for rapid water rescue.
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It is very encouraging to see that yet another fire and rescue services regards our Rescuerunner system as the most suitable and robust tool for their demanding operations
Linda Ahl, Vice President Sales and Business Development Manager