– Marketplace creates a new multi-million business opportunity

Most professional services companies are sitting on hidden treasure - this new service gives companies a platform to buy and sell valuable documents, templates, and guidelines


Finnish startup Ceverte, founded by experienced quality management consultants, launches a new type of marketplace for business and technical documentation.  The service, called, allows all businesses to buy and sell valuable document templates and guidelines and is initially targeted to professional service providers and consultants.

Documentation is an extremely valuable asset, especially for professional service companies: for example, 1.2 million organisations need to update their ISO 9001 certifications by September 2018, a market opportunity estimated by Ceverte to potentially be worth hundreds of millions of euros.

Now, is offering the first centralized marketplace to buy and sell templates and guidelines for these documents.

Ceverte’s CEO and co-founder Martti Blomberg shares his story: “Our founding team has worked with over 800 companies, providing consulting services and creating quality management system documentation. For most of our clients, documentation has initially been seen as an inconvenience and an unnecessary cost. We came to realize that the companies actually own a sizable asset - templates and guidelines they could monetize. But there wasn’t a place where this could be done.”

“So we created, a global marketplace to purchase, manage, and sell documentation. We will initially focus on quality management system documentation, to help companies transition to the new ISO standard that will become mandatory in September 2018. Even so, companies can upload and start selling their documentation today and create a new, significant revenue stream”, he concludes. is available in 25 countries, and it only takes minutes for companies to start managing and trading their documents.


Information for the media:

Martti Blomberg
CEO & co-founder, Ceverte Ltd
+358 45 1645799

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About is an international marketplace for buying and selling documents used by professional service companies. The high-quality document templates in the cloud-based online service can save hundreds of man-hours for companies, while also enabling them to create a new significant revenue stream by offering their documents for sale. The service, launched in 2017, currently supports payments in 25 countries.

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