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San Francisco provides international PR for Nordic growth companies to help them increase awareness and build credibility through earned media coverage.


  • Juhani Polkko

    Founder & CEO

    Eerikinkatu 28 FI-00180 Helsinki
    +358 40 543 0825
  • Quotes

    It is my pleasure to announce our partnership with Sanvartis. Sanvartis is known in Germany for their strength in telehealth, and we are excited to help a leading local health expert develop new digital health services for its customers and their members.
    Jaakko Olkkonen, CEO of Wellmo
    We need to offer digital solutions to our customers so insurers can serve their members in the most convenient way. We chose Wellmo’s team of experts and proven platform to extend our service to digital and mobile. This way we have access to the best technology and can focus our own efforts on the content and services, our real area of expertise.
    Manuel Ebner, CEO of Sanvartis
    We have been testing our concept in Denmark since the beginning of the year and now we are at a stage in the development, that we want to start building our global network of agents. We decided that the Slush conference in Helsinki is the best place in the world to launch
    Dennis Poulsen, CEO of Valuer
    Valuer and their agent network is helping us to easily find, understand and analyse many of the interesting startups in the Nordics. We want to recognize the startups at an early phase when the important factors are the team and the traction.
    Klavs Hjort, Senior Vice President of Business innovation in Danske Bank
    EatAndTheCity was originally created to be the “Google for restaurants” in Finland. We noticed that a number of media companies were interested in restaurant discovery portals, as they would be able to leverage their connection with local communities to deliver a genuinely useful service and an additional revenue stream. Our service was validated in our eyes when we started winning awards. Our aim is to help media networks take local restaurant discovery into the mainstream across the world.
    Ilkka O. Lavas, CEO of City Digital, Cofounder of EatAndTheCity.
    We are impressed with the work and success that EatAndTheCity has done in Finland and we are happy to co-operate here in Munich.
    Dirk von Gehlen, Director Social Media / Innovation at Sueddeutsche Zeitung
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