Finnish-produced Yetitablet introduces collaborative learning to Jordanian classrooms

Successful pilot project gains national recognition in Jordan for encouraging group work and collaborative learning

Yetitablet - a Finnish-built, 4K giant Android tablet that allows multiple people to simultaneously work together on projects - has successfully introduced group work and collaborative ways of learning to Jordanian classrooms as part of an ongoing project between Finnish EdTech companies and Jordan.

Jordan’s stable economy, young population and strong trade ties with the EU make it an ideal location for a business hub to reach middle-eastern countries. The visit to Jordan saw Yetitablet team members interact with education providers, teachers, and schoolchildren in a range of locations across the country in an effort to understand how collaborative learning could be introduced to Jordanian classrooms through the Yetitablet.

“We were happy to see both teachers and students immediately started using the Yetitablet because of its familiar Android user interface,” said Maria Jokelainen, Yetitablet founder. “Kids loves to use it together, and they really seemed to enjoy maths applications when learning in groups, as well Google Earth for studying geography, and learning how to write Arabic letters and English sentences.

“The adults were even more eager! Teachers realized immediately how the games we uploaded improve problem solving skills and collaboration between students. They also appreciated that they didn’t need to be in the classroom when the children were working on the Yetitablet, as they were all preoccupied with their group work.

“Finally, the Yetitablet was praised for its versatility. As one teacher said, this device allows teachers and students to access a smartboard, computer, Android tablet, smart table, and traditional whiteboard through one device,” she concluded.

The first co-lesson between Jordan and Finland will take place during week 18, with students from Opinmäki in Espoo working together with Jordanian students on team-based projects through linked Yetitablets.

Yetitablet can access more than 3 million applications through the Google Play store, thousands of which are focused on education. The project has been led by the Yetitablet team with support from Finnpartnership. A mentorship panel comprising personnel from Finnish games company Zaibatsu Interactive, educational app quality assessors from Kokoa, and export partnership consultation from Menatto has also provided expertise throughout.


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Maria Jokelainen
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Maria and Jarkko, parents of 3 children with Asperger's, struggled for years to help their children learn and communicate with the world. In 2015, they discovered how interactive lessons in multimedia classrooms were the key to help their children learn, focus and communicate better.

But the Yetitablet became more than an educational tool. At nursing homes, it is changing the lives of elders and disabled people who before had no access the internet. For construction companies, it became an enhanced way to communicate, collaborate and reduce rework. For businesses, it became a more efficient way to run meetings and communicate with customers. For more information, visit

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