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  • New Soil Scout and GreenSight partnership gives greenkeepers an unparalleled above-and-below ground view of their golf courses

New Soil Scout and GreenSight partnership gives greenkeepers an unparalleled above-and-below ground view of their golf courses

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Buried Soil Scout sensors gather critical underground information while drone-mounted GreenSight Turfsight technology visually analyses the course from the air.

HELSINKI, Finland (June 23rd, 2020) The team behind the wireless underground soil monitoring solution Soil Scout has announced a new equal distribution partnership with US-based GreenSight, a leading provider of autonomous aerial intelligence services for golf courses. The technology partnership will give greenkeepers a real-time understanding of how to create optimal above and below ground conditions for their courses while increasing efficiency on water and nutrient usage. 

“Understanding what happens is critical if fields are to reach their true potential,“ said Soil Scout CEO Jalmari Talola. “When it comes to greenkeepers, their challenge is real - to maintain extremely high-quality surfaces over large areas while facing pressure to cut water consumption and act in an environmentally sustainable way.

“Our technology partnership with GreenSight will see Soil Scout Sensors strategically buried across golf courses, giving greenkeepers instant insight into what’s happening below their soils. These insights will be combined in GreenSight’s TurfCloud platform with a cutting-edge machine vision analysis of the entire golf course captured by drone-mounted sensors. Greenkeepers will see everything happening on their courses - and be able to plan their day’s work - before they set foot outside.”

The equal partnership will see Soil Scout acting as a reseller of the GreensSight TurfCloud product line in Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, with GreenSight acting as Soil Scout reseller and distributor in the United States. 

GreenSight CEO James Peverill commented, “GreenSight is excited to be able to offer our industry-leading product, TurfCloud, through the Soil Scout Company. Being able to add Soil Scout to our dashboard will greatly add to the data already being captured. 

“We look forward to helping their customers manage their soils more efficiently and improve their facilities across the world. We’re equally excited to be able to distribute their intuitive soil condition sensors to our growing customer base.”

Recently backed by Husqvarna last year’s seed funding round, Soil Scout was co-founded by Finnish agrotechnology Ph.D. and 19th generation farmer Johannes Tiusanen and electronics expert M.Sc.Eng Jussi Sirkiä with a mission of giving soil experts the information they need to effectively manage their lands. The Soil Scout team will work with GreenSight’s experienced robotics, spacecraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs/drones), advanced communications, agriculture and land management professionals to further develop new products and services for their customers.


For additional information:

Media kit with pictures (Soil Scout)
Media kit with pictures (GreenSight)
Jalmari Talola, Soil Scout CEO+358 40 8201709jalmari.talola@soilscout.com
Jason Van Buskirk, GreenSight VP of Sales and Marketing+1 774-244-2630jvb@greensightag.com



Soil Scout massively optimizes water and energy usage by providing permanent buried wireless monitoring. Our small buried "Scout" sensor transmits moisture, temperature, and salinity in near real-time from up to 2 meters/ 6 feet below the surface, for up to 20 years, maintenance-free. Our partners include farmers and agricultural producers around the world, golf courses like Singapore Island Country Club, and arenas like Wembley Stadium. For more information, visit soilscout.com.

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The GreenSight Platform includes a suite of autonomous drone hardware and sensors for remote sensing and mapping, as well as software for data processing, visualization, and assessment. Capture multiple types of data in a single autonomous drone flight, and make smart choices using our data analysis software tools. The GreenSight team has years of experience working with government offices and regulatory bodies both in the US and internationally. GreenSight’s platform has been used at over 250 customer locations since 2016, gathering 2 million acres of data. For more information visit http://www.greensightag.com.