Newly-appointed Auramarine CEO announces actions towards agile, customer-facing services offering

Newly-appointed Auramarine CEO Ole Skatka Jensen has announced the company’s new strategic direction, with a strong emphasis on combining engineering expertise with a hands-on, customer-first approach. Since his appointment in November 2016, Jensen has spearheaded several actions at Auramarine that have helped the company positively trend in a challenging business environment.  

As result, the fuel supply solution provider is building a better understanding of the needs of its customers, widening its after sales offering, strengthening research and development, and streamlining its operations.

“Everything we do - our processes and ways of working - needs to improve our offering and services for shipping companies, engine makers, shipyards and power plants. Eventually, our goal is to become truly customer-driven by knowing our customers’ everyday challenges and expectations. By doing so, we can provide them with more valuable products and services”, explains Ole Skatka Jensen.

Auramarine has developed its offering to meet customer expectations by helping improve fuel efficiency, offering vessel-specific customized solutions, and expanding its offering of spare part services. The company has also introduced systems to ensure consumed fuel complies with the specified requirements at all times. This is becoming increasingly important, especially in maritime applications.

“The whole maritime industry has been suffering for some time. Our focus is to serve our customer’s current needs even better while keeping the future in mind”, says Ole Skatka Jensen.


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Outi Jokinen, Marketing Manager

Ole Skatka Jensen, CEO of Auramarine


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Auramarine is a globally recognised leading provider of fuel supply and handling solutions for marine and offshore shipowners and operators, shipyards and engine manufacturers. The company’s heavy fuel oil supply units and marine gas oil handling systems deliver operational efficiency, safety and reliability throughout their lifetimes. Auramarine’s representative network serves customers in 25 countries. More information: