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  • PromoRepublic announces pro bono initiative for franchises designed to build social community and sales during lockdown

PromoRepublic announces pro bono initiative for franchises designed to build social community and sales during lockdown

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Transformation Program offers coaching and professional social selling software to support US franchise owners as they pivot to online business channels

PromoRepublic has announced a new Transformation Program aiming to help franchises and multi-location brands connect with their local communities under COVID-19 lockdown. Participant franchises will receive free access to PromoRepublic’s social media marketing platform, as well as coaching on how to pivot to online sales, build social selling competences, and maintain brand voice in preparation for when restrictions ease.

PromoRepublic’s mission is to help franchises engage with their customers and build new sales opportunities through social channels. Their platform is designed to help franchise HQs maintain social brand voice across multiple locations while giving franchisees powerful, easy to use tools that guide social media content creation and distribution.

“Although COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on franchise offline sales, there are resilient businesses that don’t give up, adapt, and transform,” said PromoRepublic CEO & Co-founder Max Pecherskyi. “We want to support those and encourage franchises to enhance their communication strategy during this period.”

“As the crisis evolved, our team has been supporting franchise communities through the educational Emergency Marketing Center and now is ready to empower them with the tool to strengthen market position and guide through the adoption of online channels,” he concluded.

Traditional advertising channels like outdoor display and print are currently dormant, so businesses not using digital channels to communicate are effectively invisible to customers. Franchise HQs, therefore, need to leverage social by providing franchisees with on-brand, high-quality, consistent customer communications they can share.

Franchisees also have an opportunity to positively engage local communities through memorable content, meaningful conversations and smart new business models. Those that do will be remembered by their customers when social distancing eases.

Val Grabko, COO & Co-founder, adds: “Our belief is that, as the foundation of the American economy, franchise and multi-location businesses need to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis and make a bold statement about their transformation. With the pandemic keeping most people worldwide home, social engagement is at an all-time high. The loss of traditionally in-person commerce makes multi-location businesses look for ways to reach consumers digitally. Our initiative will help to bridge these important connections with local communities.”

The transformation program includes 60-day access to coaching sessions and the custom social media marketing platform for franchise head offices and locations. Businesses can apply by filling out the form on the PromoRepublic Transformation Program page.


Additional Transformation Program info:

  • PromoRepublic will select a limited number of franchises to take part in the Transformation Program  
  • The program will be activated in May 2020. 
  • Successful applicants will receive 60-day access to PromoRepublics’s customized platform for social selling & communications, as well as consultancy sessions.

For additional information:

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