VibeCatch, the scientific employee engagement service launches in the Netherlands

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VibeCatch marries science with employee engagement to deliver an optimised workforce

VibeCatch, the employee engagement tool that uses scientific analysis to help companies understand the strengths and wellbeing of their employees, today announces its roll-out in the Netherlands after generating significant traction across the Nordics. Finland-based VibeCatch has seen tremendous growth working with organisations to understand the health of their business.

“Dutch organisations of all sizes from various industries are recognising the need for more frequent employee feedback and engagement data. With this knowledge, business leaders now have a deeper understanding of sentiment across their workforce, enabling them to take appropriate action to solve specific issues before they get bigger and more damaging to the business as a whole,” said Juha Huttunen, CEO and co-founder, VibeCatch. “We have companies that have used the Quality of Work Life, or QWL, method and within a year have improved their profitability by 25% due to increased engagement.”

VibeCatch helps companies of all sizes to significantly improve productivity levels amongst their employees. The company provides management and human resources teams with a way to help better engage with their workforce. Once they have a clear view of feeling amongst employees, action can be taken to boost employee motivation and well-being. Using scientific methodology refined through a decade’s worth of research, VibeCatch is able to make a direct link between employee engagement and company profitability.

“What really sets QWL apart is the fact our entire approach to employee engagement is based on science - . There’s no assumptions being made here - we use data-rich scientific analysis to help companies understand the strengths and wellbeing of their employees so they can support individuals and teams to grow in the best way possible,” tells Huttunen.

So, what exactly is the science behind VibeCatch? Quality of Work Life (QWL) is the scientific approach engineered to assess and implement employee feedback to create a better work environment. Consisting of a fifteen strategically selected questions, the QWL survey uncovers the areas businesses need to improve upon, as well as highlighting the weaknesses that fail to show on traditional employee surveys. This data is then analysed and delivered to management and human resources teams to enable them to implement change on the ground.

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Juha Huttunen, CEO & Co-founder
+358 40 756 2892


About VibeCatch:

Built on science, VibeCatch collects frequent and anonymous feedback from employees and delivers an automatic and clear breakdown of the results to those in charge. VibeCatch’s scientifically-proven method pulls actionable insights and improves profits using the Quality of Work Life (QWL) method. For more information about VibeCatch and to start getting an insight into you employee’s happiness, please visit