Yetitablet secures €1M funding for international expansion

Giant tablet empowers individuals to collaborate and build new skills by giving them unrestricted access to the tools and information they need

Yetitablet has just announced the closure of a 1M€ funding round led by Insmat, with participation from Business Finland, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. The money will be used by the company to further develop the Yetitablet platform and to fund its expansion into Nordic markets.

Yetitablet helps individuals and teams acquire the skills and knowledge they need to achieve their goals. Instead of gaining access to information and tools through individuals in positions of authority, the platform allows these gatekeepers to become enablers that empower those under their supervision to independently find the information they need, collaborate, and acquire new skills.

"We decided to invest in Yetitablet due to the great team and the superior user experience that their tablets have,” said Hannu Hietala, Insmat CEO. “More impressive than the product is how Maria and Jarkko have been able to do what most hardware companies can't nowadays: bootstrap from zero a financially stable, scalable business with plenty of potentials," he concluded.

Yetitablet is already used by education and social care providers to help vulnerable individuals communicate with others, and has also been used in classrooms to help children build soft skills essential for teamwork and collaboration. Aside from education and social care, Yetitablet can be used in hospitality, construction, public spaces, and tourism.

“I am proud of the impact we have already made in education, with a successful visit to Jordanian schools last month demonstrating how Yetitablet empowers students to develop teamwork and soft skills crucial for later life,” said Yetitablet Founder Maria Jokelainen.

“A range of care institutions here in Finland and in Germany and Japan have also developed care programs through our platform that has helped more vulnerable people find ways to connect with others, and independently improve their motor skills and cognitive abilities.

“With learning, information access and communication playing a critical role in our lives, we see potential to expand Yetitablet’s offering into new sectors, such as construction, hospitality, commercial retail,” she concluded.

Yetitablet has seen significant growth over the past 12 months and is set to reach its 2018 target of 2M€ in turnover. The company was founded in 2015 by husband and wife team Maria and Jarkko Jokelainen in Espoo. The couple noticed how a large interactive screen positively impacted the wellbeing, teamwork and social skills of their children, who have been diagnosed with Asperger's. Running off an open Android OS, Yetitablet is designed for ease of use and can access more than 3 million applications through the Play store, thousands of which are focused on education.


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Maria and Jarkko, parents of 3 children with Asperger's, struggled for years to help their children learn and communicate with the world. In 2015, they discovered how interactive lessons in multimedia classrooms were the key to help their children learn, focus and communicate better.

But the Yetitablet became more than an educational tool. At nursing homes, it is changing the lives of elders and disabled people who before had no access the internet. For construction companies, it became an enhanced way to communicate, collaborate and reduce rework. For businesses, it became a more efficient way to run meetings and communicate with customers. For more information, visit