SAPA Series with Emma Ridderstad

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It was not so long ago that parallel worlds were merely the staple of science fiction writers. Today however, the nascent technology of virtual and augmented reality is for the first time making it possible to talk about the merging of the digital and physical into a single, hybrid universe.


Propelled by the booming gaming sector, virtual reality has in the last few years started to spill over into industries ranging from education and human resources, to construction and design. And yet, more than half a century after the very first VR headset was created in the US for military applications, we are only starting to scratch the surface of its possibilities.

Indeed, as the technology is set to become widely adopted across our industries, what will it mean for city planning when entire urban areas can be created without being built? How will it shape the future of education and recruitment? And will this emerging shared space enhance our empathy or make us more isolated?

These are some of the questions we cover in Sapa Series’ latest episode, featuring VR whiz and entrepreneur: Emma Ridderstad.

With a longstanding interest in technology, Ridderstad grew up preferring science publications to teenage magazines. In 2016, she founded her company Warpin Media to help companies and organizations incorporate virtual and augmented content into their business models. While based in Stockholm, Warpin has worked with clients all over the world, including Ferrari, Disney and H&M, and has even developed its own VR and AR and hardware.


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