Election committee appointed in Sardus

A-listed food-products group AB Sardus has according to the Annual General Meeting in March 2004 now appointed an election committee. The three major shareholders, together representing 26 per cent of the votes, have appointed a member each while The Shareholders Association has appointed a forth member. The members are Ulf Strömsten appointed by Catella Fonder Henrik Strömbom appointed by Arvid Svensson Invest Carl Rosén appointed by Andra AP-fonden Lars O Andersson appointed by Aktiespararnas Riksförbund. The secretary in the election committee without voting right is according to decision made at the Annual General Meeting above the chairman of Sardus Mr Raoul Hasselgren. Helsingborg September 21, 2004 AB SARDUS (publ) Ragnar Bringert Managing Director In case of any questions, please contact Mr Raoul Hasselgren, +46 70 570 30 99.