SAS Cargo first to offer method of calculating cargo's environmental impact

SAS Cargo first to offer method of calculating cargo's environmental impact Corporations using air cargo for shipping can now receive emissions data showing the environmental impact of transporting their products around the world. Following a collaboration between Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, DHL Danzas Air & Ocean and SAS Cargo, the new emission calculator (as it has been named) has been developed to calculate emissions data in relation to air cargo. The calculator, which will provide invaluable information for companies' Environmental Reports, is the first on-line service of this kind to reach the market. 'The emission calculator is an excellent example of the way in which we are expanding co-operation with our business partners and customers. SAS Cargo is now the first airline in the world to introduce an environmental tool that is customer specific and can calculate emissions data for individual destinations', says Peter Grønlund, President and CEO of SAS Cargo Group A/S. SAS Cargo's project leader on the emission calculator project, Erik Andersen, comments: 'So far it has only been possible to report emission data for the aggregated air transportation between two points, but with this new model of calculation it is possible to calculate the environmental impact per kilo, per destination. This means that if a company wishes to ship 1.5 tons of cargo from Copenhagen to New York it is possible, thanks to the emission calculator, to find out the environmental impact of the transportation of that specific 1.5 tons of cargo.' The emission calculator will initially be available on all SAS Cargo's intercontinental routes before expanding at a later date to cover the European network. The service is mainly targeted at export companies that require the data for their annual Environmental Reports. As of Friday, 13 June 2003 the emission calculator will be available for SAS Cargo's customers via: Users simply input information about the shipment to receive the emission data related to the transportation. To receive as accurate emission data as possible for each specific flight, factors including the route, type of aircraft and type of engine has been fed into the calculator. As far as the type of aircraft is concerned, SAS Cargo generally uses SAS Airline's fleet of new Airbus 330/340s on its intercontinental flights. It was following a request from Novo Nordisk and Novozymes that DHL Danzas Air & Ocean initiated the project in 2002. And since the project commenced they have noticed an increasing need to be able to document the environmental impact of the transportation of cargo among their customers. For further information: SAS Cargo Group A/S: Project Manager Erik Andersen, ph: +45 32 32 32 51 Press Officer Ulrik Marschall, ph: +45 32 32 67 33 DHL Danzas Air & Ocean: Corporate Citizenship Manager, Kurt Bisgaard, ph: +45 43 48 95 34 Managing Director Christian Høy, ph: 45 36 90 55 01 Novozymes: Department Manager Peter Hansen, ph: +45 44 42 32 53 Press Manager Eva Louise Petersen, ph: +45 44 42 33 38 Novo Nordisk A/S: Vice President, Peter Mohan Christiansen, ph: +45 44 42 95 25 Press Contact, Elin K. Hansen, ph. +45 44 42 34 50 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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