Snowflake towards southern climes

Snowflake towards southern climes March 30 is the launch date for Scandinavian Airlines' low-price concept called snowflake. The concept has already attracted the attention of customers. To date, more than 90,000 tickets have been sold. Snowflake is aimed at leisure travelers who want to travel in an inexpensive and uncomplicated manner to the Continent or from the Continent to Sweden and Denmark. With low prices, a new design and simplified service, snowflake is a new offering, which the market is demanding. "We have succeeded in combining the product's simplicity with corresponding simplicity in production, which is a requirement for the low prices we offer. Snowflake includes the important and sound components of Scandinavian Airlines in the form of safety and a high level of customer care. Pilots and cabin crew are from Scandinavian Airlines. However, the name snowflake underlines that this is a separate business unit, standing on its own feet," says Eva-Karin Dahl, Director of Business and Concept Development, with responsibility for snowflake. Travel from SEK 580 The cheapest trips cost SEK 580 (DKK 415), including airport tax and fees. A handling charge can be added, according to how the customer chooses to book. An Internet site,, is being developed and is scheduled for completion in June, but it is already possible to access the site and read all about snowflake. Until it is complete, tickets can be booked through travel agencies and on-line agents. Snowflake tickets are booked one-way. Two one-way tickets can be combined to form a return journey. The new design is snowflake's distinguishing feature. It will greet customers at all stages - booking, check-in and on board. Check-in machines, uniform details and the on-board product have design details that are unique to snowflake. snowflake will start with four Boeing 737-800 aircraft, with seating for 150 passengers each. The aircraft can be identified by their lemon- colored tails, with the snowflake trademark, and white engines. The first two Boeing 737-800s bearing the new design will depart from Stockholm to Istanbul at 7:00 a.m. and from Copenhagen to Bologna at 3:30 p.m. on March 30. On-board service with options Snowflake offers customers meals and beverages at reasonable prices. There is the opportunity to create meals according to individual needs. A selection of simple dishes is offered on every flight. For example, it is possible to one warm and two cold dishes, as well as various dessert alternatives. Snowflake also offers on-board sales. As announced earlier, it is possible to fly from Stockholm to and from Alicante, Athens, Barcelona, Bologna, Budapest, Dublin, Istanbul, Malaga, Nice, Prague and Rome. From Copenhagen, snowflake will fly to Alicante, Athens, Bologna, Lisbon, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Pristina and Sarajevo. A picture of a 737-800 repainted with the snowflake design can be seen at under "About SAS." For further information, please contact: Eva-Karin Dahl, Director of Business and Concept Development, with responsibility for snowflake, +46 (0)8-797 28 17 or +46 (0)709 97 28 17. COMMUNICATION DEPARTMENT SCANDINAVIAN AIRLINES ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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