22 October 2015

The Schmitz Cargobull S.KO COOL Executive refrigerated trailer has claimed the award for Best Refrigerated Trailer at the TCS&D Awards.

The mono-temp reefer, which was launched onto the UK market in Q3 2014 and incorporates Schmitz Cargobull’s own-brand refrigeration unit, was declared the best trailer in its class by a judging panel of leaders in the temperature-controlled storage and distribution sector. There are already more than 2,000 of these trailers operating across Europe.

On what made the Schmitz Cargobull trailer a winner, the panel said: “Value for money is an important factor for the judges to consider in this category, and Schmitz Cargobull has achieved this by developing trailers which offer a high build quality at the same time as maximum payload capacity for operators.

“The own-brand refrigeration unit stands out for working in harmony with all the other components which make up the finished product. One customer has even described this as ‘a product which moves the goalposts forward in terms of innovation and which is the most cost-effective trailer on the market by some distance’.”

Derek Skinner, Technical Director, Schmitz Cargobull, says: “The S.KO COOL Executive trailer has been a game changer for fleets that want the latest technology, the best value for money, and the best reliability. I’m delighted the prestigious TCS&D Awards panel has recognised how we’ve developed a complete trailer package that is truly second to none.”

The S.KO COOL Executive offers a variety of features that set a new standard for refrigerated trailers. The own-brand fridge unit offers excellent fuel efficiency, cutting running costs for operators, combined with impressive cooling and heating performance. The trailer itself is built with Schmitz Cargobull’s proprietary FERROPLAST® insulated panels which are thinner and lighter than GRP.

Also installed is Schmitz Cargobull’s TrailerConnect temperature and mapping telematics package, which provides complete control and peace of mind. Temperature data is recorded in real time to prove that all transport has been conducted in accordance with the agreed requirements – and SMS and email alerts are available for fleet managers and drivers alike in the event of an issue.

Schmitz Cargobull’s award-winning trailer has now been joined by a multi-temp version, also unveiled at the TCS&D Show and available to order now.


Editor’s notes:

Schmitz Cargobull (UK) is a subsidiary company of the German-owned Schmitz Cargobull Group, the biggest and leading manufacturer and supplier of semi-trailers in Europe. The Schmitz Cargobull Group has manufacturing plants in Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Russia and China, and employs over 5,100 people. In the last financial year (2014/2015), Schmitz Cargobull had a turnover of approximately €1.589 billion and produced more than 44,000 trailers.

A number of additional services complete the company profile: Cargobull Finance for leasing and lease purchasing; Schmitz Cargobull Parts & Services for vehicle servicing and spare parts; Schmitz Cargobull Service Partners for repairs and maintenance; Schmitz Cargobull Telematics for trailer telematics and Schmitz Cargobull Trailer Store for used trailers. Schmitz Cargobull refrigerated units are constructed using the company’s FERROPLAST® Thermo Technology modular steel-skinned panels to keep loads at the desired temperature.

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Schmitz Cargobull UK and Ireland is a subsidiary company of the German-owned Schmitz Cargobull Group. With an annual production of some 50,000 vehicles and around 5,100 employees, Schmitz Cargobull AG is Europe's leading manufacturer of semi-trailers, truck bodies and trailers for temperature-controlled freight, general cargo and bulk goods. A turnover of € 1.779 billion was reported in the 2015/2016 business year. As a pioneer in the industry, Schmitz Cargobull AG developed a comprehensive brand strategy early on and has consistently established quality standards spanning every level: from research and development, to production, to specialist services such as trailer telematics, financing, spare parts and used trailers.