UK operators are very astute when it comes to looking at whole life operating costs, and particularly for larger fleets, operating leases make more sense.
Hans Mansveld, Regional Director, Cargobull Finance
Schmitz Cargobull has been a very good supplier to work with and we look forward to our new curtainsiders driving forward our ongoing expansion.
Robert Stewart, T.O.M. Group Commercial Director
Schmitz Cargobull’s patented bolted construction technique offers us added flexibility as we can make quick repairs in the event of trailer damage,
Dominic Yeardley, Managing Director of Eurovision Logistics
Schmitz Cargobull equipment offers a build quality and residual value over and above others in the marketplace.
Andy Marchant, Fleet Engineer, Freshlinc
I have every reason to believe that the Schmitz trailers will stand the test of time based on the solid spec and good value for money we gain from our existing equipment.
Peter Denby, Managing Director of Denby Transport.
With the Speed Curtain, we can meet customer demand for load security whilst also maximising time on the road for the driver as supports are integrated into the curtain itself.
Andrew Armistead, Managing Director, Armistead European Transport.
Paul’s product knowledge and focus on customer satisfaction have allowed for a seamless transition,
Paul Avery, Managing Director, Schmitz Cargobull UK
The construction and rigidity of these trailers is first class – from the modular design to the fully galvanised chassis and robust FERROPLAST® side panels.
Richard Jameson, owner of R Jameson Transport
It’s up to every rental company to make their own judgements on what equipment is best suited to their operations, but I find Schmitz Cargobull trailers some of the most reliable and cost-effective on the market.
Stuart Robinett, Owner of Cedartone
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