Active Biotech - extra shareholders- meeting 19 october 2000

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ACTIVE BIOTECH - EXTRA SHAREHOLDERS´ MEETING 19 OCTOBER 2000 At Active Biotech´s extra shareholders´meeting today, it was decided that the number of members of the board should be increased, from eight to nine and to elect the following new directors: Mats Arnhög (born 1951). Mats Arnhög has a Master of Science in Business and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics, and is the current owner of the company MGA Holding. Mats Arnhög is, through MGA Holding, one of the major shareholders in Active Biotech with 6,1% of share capital and 28,9% of votes. In addition to his board appointments in different subsidiaries of MGA Holding, Mats Arnhög is also a Member of the Board in K-World. Maria Borelius (born 1960). Maria Borelius has a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Masters degree in Science journalism. She has experience from Sveriges Television, Sveriges Radio, TV4 and TV3, from programmes such as NOVA, Vetenskapens Värld and Vetandets Värld. Maria Borelius is part-owner and Senior Vice President of Learning Development, K-World, an Internet based knowledge- and educational company. Maria Borelius is a Member of the Board in Naturvetenskapliga Forskningrådet. Peter Sjöstrand (born 1946). Peter Sjöstrand has a Master of Science in Business and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics and is a Medical Doctor, with 20 years experience from association with Astra´s Board and Management, latest as Vice President (1988-93). Peter Sjöstrand is mainly active abroad, as Member of the Board in Pharma Vision AG, Switzerland and Tularik Inc., USA. In Sweden he is Chairman of the Board in Meda AB. In relation to the extra shareholders´ meeting, Karl Olof Borg and Else- Maj Rosenlöf have left their board appointments at Active Biotech AB. After the meeting, the board has the following composition: Hugo Thelin, Chairman of the Board, Sven Andréasson, Mats Arnhög, Maria Borelius, Svend Holst-Nielsen, Mats Pettersson, Peter Sjöstrand, Anders Williamsson and Håkan Åström. The employee's representatives of the Board are Anders Hagberg and Hans Wännman. Lund 19 October 2000 Active Biotech AB (publ) Sven Andréasson, President & CEO Active Biotech AB is a Swedish biotechnology company focused on the research and development of pharmaceuticals and vaccines, the core competence being knowledge of the human immune system. Active Biotech has a high quality project portfolio and financial strength. Important products and projects include Dukoral, SBLCholera Vaccine, a vaccine against traveller's diarrhoea (ETEC), drugs against multiple sclerosis (SAIK) and cancer (TTS). The turnover of Active Biotech was SEK 267 million in 1999. Active Biotech AB Box 724, S-220 07 Lund, Sweden Tel +46 46-19 20 00 Fax +46 46 19 20 50 E-mail ------------------------------------------------------------ Denna information skickades av BIT Följande filer finns att ladda ned:

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