Interim report for 4th quarter and year-end 2018

Key Facts for the 4th Quarter 2018 (1st October 2018 – 31st December 2018)

Q4 2018 all-time high in revenues

All figures are compared to the same quarter last year if not explicitly stated otherwise

  •  Revenues increased by 80.23% to €6,751,854 (€3,746,299).
  •  EBIT decreased by 52.35% to €715,128 (€1,500,719).
  •  EBIT margin of 10.59% (40.06%).
  •  All-time high in customer deposits with an increase of 222.58% to €21,138,984 (€6,553,035).
  •  48,262 new registered customers (31,413), increase of 53.64% and all-time-high.
  •  Earnings per share of €0.0092 (€0.0470).
  •  The newly started Premiergaming Ltd which launched ProntoCasino and PremierLiveCasino brands on the 1st of October 2018, represented 40% of the Net Gaming Revenues in Q4 2018. Without these revenues the Q4 year-on-year growth in Net Gaming Revenues was 6%. PremierGaming negatively effected the Q4 EBIT by €472,977, mainly due to the marketing investments in the brand ProntoCasino. Premiergaming had a strong monthly growth within the quarter and contributed positively to the Group’s Net Result in the month of December with a Net Profit of €86,068.

Key Facts for 2018 (1st January 2018 – 31st December 2018)

2018 all-time high in revenues and EBIT

All figures are compared to 1st January to 31st December 2017 if not explicitly stated otherwise

  •  Revenues increased by 46.94% to €18,394,136 (€12,518,116).
  •  EBIT increased by 0.72% to €4,513,995 (€4,481,862). 
  •  EBIT Margin of 24.54% (35.80%).
  •  Customer deposits increased by 95.48% to €41,828,434 (€21,398,265).
  •  33.43% increase in newly registered customers to 139,452 (104,517).
  •  Earnings per share of €0.0583 (the 2017 earnings per share of €0.0855 included an extraordinary income of €2,080,030). 
  •  The Board of Directors proposes distribution of €3,374,325 (€3,351,000) by way of a dividend to shareholders, which corresponds to €0.045 per share. Angler Gaming will not compensate for currency exchange costs. 

Malta, 14th of February 2019

Board of Directors of Angler Gaming plc

Enquiries: Thomas Kalita, CEO

Moibile: +356 9966 2000 

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