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NicOx and Biolipox expand research collaboration on novel nitric oxide-donating compounds for the treatment of respirato

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NicOx and Biolipox expand research collaboration on novel nitric oxide-donating compounds for the treatment of respiratory diseases. January 29th, 2003. Sophia Antipolis, France. www.nicox.com NicOx SA (Nouveau Marché: NICOX) announces today the expansion of its research and co-development agreement with the Swedish research-based company Biolipox on a novel class of nitric oxide-releasing therapeutics in the respiratory field, originally signed in June 2001. The collaboration combines NicOx's intellectual property and know-how in the nitric oxide field with Biolipox's expertise in the characterization of mechanisms and screening of compounds for the treatment of airway diseases in order to identify novel drug candidates. NicOx will synthesize a series of patented new compounds for preclinical evaluation by Biolipox. Compounds successfully completing the preclinical phase will be advanced into Phase I clinical trials. The agreement foresees joint collaboration on the lead compounds emerging from this new series of nitric oxide-donating drugs and proportional sharing of any revenues from successful products. The decision to expand the collaboration has been based on the success of the research program to date, and future research will include additional therapeutic classes. Carl-Johan Dalsgaard, CEO of Biolipox, commented: "For Biolipox this extended alliance promises to complement our own accelerating research and development activities by giving us increased access to nitric oxide-donating drugs. This alliance addresses large market opportunities with significant unmet medical need". Michele Garufi, Chairman and CEO of NicOx, commented: "Strategic alliances with specialist companies like Biolipox will allow NicOx to fully exploit its intellectual property position and accelerate the identification and screening of new drug candidates. We believe that the specific focus of this collaboration may represent a significant advance in the treatment of inflammatory airway diseases". CONTACTS NicOx: Sylvain Goyon - Director, Corporate Relations · Tel +33 (0)4 9238 7020 · goyon@nicox.com Biolipox : Carl-Johan Dalsgaard, MD, PhD, Chief Executive Officer · Tel +46 (0)70 975 98 63 www.biolipox.com NicOx is an emerging pharmaceutical company using recently discovered properties of nitric oxide to design and develop safer and more effective drugs. NicOx is targeting several major pharmaceutical markets including pain and inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory disorders, inflammatory bowel diseases, urinary incontinence, osteoporosis, certain dermatological disorders, certain liver diseases, Alzheimer's disease and colon cancer. Headquartered in Sophia-Antipolis, France, NicOx is a Public Company listed on the Nouveau Marché of Euronext Paris (segment: Next Economy). Biolipox AB is a pharmaceutical R&D company, focused on creating novel, efficacious and cost effective therapeutic opportunities for respiratory conditions and other inflammatory disorders. Biolipox' scientific platform is based on world-class arachidonic acid cascade research, performed at Karolinska Institutet, and on development of nitric oxide (NO)-donating drugs in alliance with NicOx. The Company has a broad portfolio of potential blockbusters in the respiratory therapy area and unique targets for novel anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. ------------------------------------------------------------ Denna information skickades av Waymaker http://www.waymaker.se Följande filer finns att ladda ned: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2003/01/29/20040511BIT20960/wkr0006.pdf

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