Brandbee launches SaaS platform Brandbee Industry Index, BIX

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Brandbee is now launching the SaaS platform Brandbee Industry Index, BIX. Through BIX, B2B customers are provided, in a user-friendly way, with value-creating information that applies to companies' digital presence and whether the mix is ​​optimal in relation to competitors. This is made possible by collecting large amounts of data over time, where BIX generates a visual and detailed overview that includes companies' digital presence. The concept of digital presence includes the areas of Social Media, SEO, SEM and Site Performance.

Brandbee has, since 2017, experience of how digital presence is valued through specialist expertise regarding the market. In order to create a relevant index, Brandbee has been collecting data for BIX for more than twelve months. Data collection was initially for 15 industries with 130 major advertisers in Sweden, the United Kingdom and Germany.

By subscribing to Brandbee's BIX SaaS platform, Brandbee's customers can easily see how the business's digital strengths and weaknesses develop over time in relation to competitors and thus also become a basis for allocating market resources.

“I have previously communicated that the team worked hard on the development of BIX to become this scalable Saas service. I am very proud of the result where we, through unique data-driven insights, enable efficiency and ultimately increased profitability for our customers, ”says Magnus Clarenbring, CEO of Brandbee.

“BIX shows a company's digital strengths and weaknesses in relation to competitors and thus also becomes a basis for allocating resources. With BIX, it becomes clear if companies, for example, need to invest more in keyword optimization, or if they may overinvest in social media, in some cases it also becomes clear that a company needs a larger total investment in the business' digital presence to catch up with industry colleagues, says Per Andersson, Marketing Manager Brandbee

Brandbee will continuously present examples of insights on the BIX website:

The first industry to be analyzed on the BIX website is the consumer electronics industry.

In connection with the launch, we are now changing the name of the service from Brand Value Index (BVI) to BIX. For more information about Brandbee, please visit:

For further information please contact:
Magnus Clarenbring, CEO Brandbee Holding AB
vxl: +46(0)72-439 99 00

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Brandbee Holding AB is a company active in digital marketing. Brandbee helps companies create professional video, specialists who help companies develop strategies for their digital marketing, with a focus on search engine optimization, digital analysis, social media and measurement. Brandbee wants to be the obvious choice for companies that want to strengthen their communication and increase their sales and brand awareness in a cost-effective and simple way. More information about the company is available at



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