Craft and Fragrance. In their second collaboration Sprekenhus launches new fragrances and invites Kaja Dahl to explore scent through her art. In sculptures, photos and a new handmade diffuser, Dahl interprets the contrasting notes of Dark Amber.

Resin from trees has during 40 million years been transformed into precious am- ber stones by the sea. Its nickname The Tears Of The Sun is what inspired Dahl to create this crafted olfactory landscape of tactile objects. Sculptures reminiscing of perfume bottles composed in wood, metal and stone speaks of contrasting and balancing scents.

To open a bottle of fragrance can transport you into worlds, landscapes, take you on a journey and make you revisit precious moments. In this exhibition we wish to evoke memories and create new ones through the meeting of craft and fragrance.

Tears Of The Mountain - New fragrance diffuser

TOTM is a handmade piece in porous lava stone placed on sculpted brass. A diffuser functional through its materials and a piece of sculptural art. Every piece is unique as the lava stones are raw from the volcanic mountains.

Spray or drop your favorite fragrance on to the stone and it will diffuse into your home. The effect of the fragrance depends on amount, the size of the space, temperature and of course the strength of the oils.

Note that some synthetic perfumes are very strong and hard to remove. We do not recommend blending oils, rinse the stone in hot water and dry the bras with a cloth.

Available in store and online from 11th of December 2021

Dark Amber - New scent from Sprekenhus

Dark Amber explores notes of leather, blended with woody incense and citrusy fresh geranium leaves. In a stimulating composition of aromatic cardamom and bergamot orange, Dark Amber is an exquisitely beautiful fragrance. You discover more into its depth - a touch of Oud Wood, musky patchouli and ultimately the confident Amber.

Available in store and online from 11th of December 2021


Created in 2010 in Oslo, Sprekenhus is a family name from the Vega islands outside the northern coast of Norway. The brand founded by Alexander Sprekenhus is inspired by the simplicity of the nordic aesthetics and the Norwegian tradition of  exploring, traveling and discovering the world. So Sprekenhus collects the finest quality ingredients all over the word to create timeless beauty products.

Sprekenhus delivers their signature scent to selected hotels and their products are shipped worldwide. Their range of products acmes to creates luxurious experiences at home for their customers with natural hair and skincare, home fragrances and carefully curated diffuser items.

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