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These moulded metal bowls in genuine chrome is an update of our iconic metal bowls in brass. In a range of specially selected earthy tones and chrome finish, these bowls can be combined and grouped for luxurious tabletop arrangements.

THE FUNCTIONAL AND SOPHISTICATED chrome metal bowls are lined with a certified food safe enamel coating that comes in camel, olive green, sunny yellow, light blue, and pastel pink. All colours begging for precious goodies, be they miscellanious knicknacks or excuisite gems.


Our ROUNDABOUT TABLES are sleek, elegant – and a showstopper in its own right. It stands with a sort of might that is undeniable and is the natural centerpiece for any dining room. They come in differnet sizes and colours, along with a choice of olive green or black steel frames. The frames are made locally in Denmark, by the same dependent blacksmith that creates our Frame Cabinets.

NEW THIS SEASON is the grey marble table tops, which are cool and elegant, with its earthbound colourtones.

HOST AN ELEGANT DINNER PARTY of two, four, six or eight people at your Roundabout Table, with sizes from Ø90 cm. Like the knights of the round table can attest, the shape creates a sense of intimate space and calls for conversation.


As a design nominated for a danish design award 2019, we proudly present the BALLOON 04 VASE in a new material, ceramics. The vase will in the coming seasons be released in different materials such as chrome, concrete and plaster as we love to play with expr essions.

ORIGINATED AS A TRIBUTE to the craftsmanship of mouth blown glass, with its sensuous bulges, the ceramic texture brings a whole new life to the design. Lika a Venus of Willendorf, the fertility goddess, the BALLON 04 ozes abundance and success.

Inspired by the earth and the sky, two new colors are added to the BALLOON 04 VASE, a deep mud brown and a light sky-blue ceramic glaze.


These round elegant boxes offer both a place to safekeep your gems, and an elegant accessory for your tabletops. In a variety of sizes, they can function as hideaways for knickknacks as well as jewelry. The turned solid wood is FSC certified which ensures high quality wood, forested with respect for the welfare of plants, animals, workers, and the continued survival of the ecosystem.

THE LIDS ARE LASERCUT in an intriguing pattern inspired by our Jewel vase, ensuring that your things are both perfectly hidden away and on display in a precious and decorative way.


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