The new SS19 run collection from DÆHLIE Sportswear is finally here

- DÆHLIE Sportswear takes you through the whole year with RUN365

The sun is here to stay, and the running season has fully started, but even during the spring and summer unpredictable weather is a challenge in Scandinavia. The Scandinavian terrain demands a lot from athletes, but also from the clothing in use. Having the right equipment is essential for having the best possible training sessions. DÆHLIE Sportswear wants to be a part of improving your achievements all year around, and has therefore put a lot of energy into creating an SS19 collection that will help you take your performance to the next level. DÆHLIE Sportswear has brought their skiing-expertise into the making of the SS19 collection, in order to deliver to your needs during the running season this year.

RUN - Protective when needed

DÆHLIE Sportswear knows the needs of an athelete during endurance training, and the external factors that will influence your running session. The clothing in DÆHLIE Sportswear´s SS19 collection are made to handle every type of weather condition, and to protect you when needed. The material in use gives you great mobility, and flat and elastic ergonomic seams prevent uncomfortable friction. The fabric´s features provide optimum ventilation and wicking, keeping you dry during your exercise - no matter the intesity.

Summerwool for all intensity-levels

In DÆHLIE Sportswear´s SS19-collection you also find summerwool that works as a thin base layer for training in all temperatures.

The merino wool in the clothing ensures optimum insulation during low-intensity exercise, and effectively evaporates excess moisture during high-intensity exercise. The strategically placed mesh panels provides good ventilation, and the very fine wool quality gives the best possible comfort. With its regulating effect on body temperature, this product suits all levels og excericise, both during summer and winter.


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