The Winter Run Jacket - DÆHLIE Sportwear´s award-winning running jacket

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The Winter Run Jacket from DÆHLIE Sportswear is designed for the soul purpose of making it as light as possible, while still providing warmth on colder days. This makes the ISPO award-winning jacket a great choice for year-round running.

Light, but still protective

Flexibility and motion depends on weight. That is why DÆHLIE Sportswear has used Primaloft Aerogel® in the padding of the The Winter Run Jacket.

Primaloft Aerogel® is a biodegradable, flexible and waterproof fiber. DÆHLIE Sportswear has specially engineered this fiber to be the lightest possible, while still providing warmth to the runner on cold days. The jacket is also breathable with its ventilation functions.

To ensure maximum safety, reflective areas are featured on the jacket for running in the dark.

DÆHLIE Sportswear is all about technical innovation, functional material, and clean design. This is perfectly balanced throughout our wide range of products. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products and help you perform at your very best regardless of season. We make no compromises to performance. Nature is our ultimate performance arena and inspiration. We are here to maximize your performance 365 days a year.


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