Former KGB-agent reveals illegal oil smuggling from Belarus

Swedish Radio can today reveal that the top echelon of the political leadership in Belarus, including president Viktor Lukashenko, has supported illegal oil-smuggling to Europe. Unique documents that Swedish Radio has access to reveals how deputy prime minister Vladimir Semanshko has personally acted to enable the smuggling.

Swedish Radio has world exclusive access to secret documents and can today report in detail how the smuggling of oil from Belarus is done. In an interview former KGB-agent Andrei Molchan describes the smuggling and how Lukashenko uses the KGB as his own tool for oppression in Belarus.

The profits from the oil-trade have contributed to the survival of the Lukashenko regime. In Belarus the political opposition is oppressed. Beatings, torture and violations of human rights are commonplace.  

English language version of the report by Swedish Radio’s investigative reporters Daniel Öhman , Daniel Velasco and freelance journalist Per Shapiro.

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Alexander Lukashenko, photographer: Genya Savilov/TT

Daniel Velasco, photographer: Pablo Dalence/Swedish Radio

Daniel Öhman, photographer: Pablo Dalence/Swedish Radio





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